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Cheetah Dragon
Jan 8, 09 2:08pm
Ah, my first PS2 game. Fond memories... DarkCloud
Cheetah Dragon
Feb 9, 04 3:50pm

Story(9.5/10)- An innocent boy by the name of Toan is thrust into a quest to save the...

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  • "Can someone tell where I can find the master codes for with gameshark for Dark Cloud? DarkCloud"
    joniwolf98 Oct 27, 15 12:33pm
  • "Ahh this game is so good...been playin it since i was 6 years old. DarkCloud"
    X-GameGirl-X Jun 2, 12 9:09am
  • "Building towns never gets boring on this. I like this game. DarkCloud"
    JasonKaotic Jul 22, 10 12:31pm
  • "Doing the Demon Shaft. DarkCloud"
    Toonlink Feb 3, 10 12:07am
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