4ghz i7 and a GTX570, on DX11 mode it runs like I have a 2ghz celeron and a radeon 7500... Also Why do people praise... read more

If the PS3 version does not contain high res textures its most likely due to the severe RAM limitations of the system. read more

At its time FFXI was the most popular and successful MMO of its time. read more

I read so many forum posts across the internet telling people they were idiots for buying 5850 and 5870s because the... read more

Intel chips may use more power but they get more done in the same amount of time. If you wan't to go spew that intel... read more

What save or lose progress system are you talking about? FFXI had none of that. read more

Been playing beta for a while. Fatigue system is absolutely horrible. The beta forums are full of negative feedback... read more

This is in no way the fault of blizzard, but the fault of the end user and hardware manufacturers unable to run... read more

For anyone angry that this contest is restricting New York and Florida, don't get mad at Bioware or the sponsors,... read more

Anyone know how to actually raise the resolution beyond 800x600? Mine still stops there... =/

Edit: Nvm, have to run... read more

I never said DX11 wasn't a good API. Theres just no market for it yet, it will take more time to come into the... read more

The greatest looking PC games are still using DX9. Its fast, well known API, and has been proven time and time again... read more

Absolutely nothing more than it already does. An intel atom is PLENTY powerful for a robot with those physical... read more

Let's see if funcom can make a successful mmo this time. Somehow I doubt it. read more

Very excited that this has a state side release date now. read more

They said at blizzcon they don't want to add new classes too fast. They don't want to bloat the game with classes... read more

Ogrimmar is being moved northwest and rebuilt as a city plated in steel instead of wood. In this expansion the Horde... read more

Theres no dual classes.... Maybe you're thinking of Dual-spec, which is already in game.

And Dvrocc, the place below... read more

Basically just like the 180 and 182, with a few design changes.

I'm still using my 180 today and I love it. read more

Excellent news! I will definately be doing this myself. read more

Makes sense. They are trying to render a massive world on a system with an extremely fast and powerful CPU, but an... read more