tangy Cheeseman
Dec 24, 11 6:50pm

Hey look, I made it myself! C: It's us!

Well, crap. I think I accidentally pushed sumbit before I was done with my first one. If you get a signing from me that makes no sense, I'm sorry. XD

Anyways, I hope you have an awesome Christmas! Thanks for being an awesome friend. Remember to sleep a couple of hours, and be nice to Phillybubbers. And make sure that your eggnog has no alcohol in it. Love you, Cheesey. ♥

tangy Cheeseman
Dec 24, 11 6:46pm

Hey look, I made it myself! C:

Liverpool_96 Cheeseman
May 2, 11 8:09pm
I've just spoken to you today, but noticed that you usually post around Loungin'. I'd like to get to know you better but can't see how as you live in America and don't own a PS3. If you have an interest in cars or Football Manager, we could sure discuss that ;D. Don't know how to sign off so a bye will have to do. Bye!
tangy Cheeseman
Apr 24, 11 2:17pm
Hi Cheeseman! I came to wish you a happy Easter! Thanks for being such a good friend!

Look, I made it myself!

Your friend,


I hope the Easter bunny brought you something good!