Yeah its me I am now Zanie's friend ;]

Please neofriend me
Please also neofriend Zanie I have also met her at the park!!!
Luv Avril
Zanie CheerleadingCaptain
Jan 15, 09 11:12am
Goth Queen and me are ow friends and she has a new account if you want to add her!!! It is: TotallyPinkGirl. As we are now friends don't worry about the killing me thing. We are all over that now. I have also become her role model.
By the way. Please neofriend me.
Goth_queen CheerleadingCaptain
Jan 1, 09 9:51am
Hi are you going to help me kill the neoseeker user Zanie? Cos i need someone to help me. Please cos I need you or someone to help. and i dont care if you report me cos i will make a new account and do it privetly hahahaha you are all bloody losers if you like Zanie or are neofriends with her. THAT GOES TO YOU STARZ AND MELUV_COOKIE!
Thanks for signing my Guestbook.
Now it's my time to sign yours, albeit with a crap stamp that took two mintues to make on GIMP and Paint, both of which I can't use

Lucas0 CheerleadingCaptain
Jul 9, 08 4:02am
Hi, i love you and want to be with you forever we can run away from your boyfriend and make out in bushes and stuff.

GoneBananas CheerleadingCaptain
Jun 16, 08 12:37am
Thanks for letting me joing the WildWorld Dynamites thread!! I like Lily Allen too! Glad to see someone else who likes it! C-ya!
Chiggins CheerleadingCaptain
Jun 9, 08 12:59am
Sweeney Todd is a good movie, glad to see someone else that liked it.

My school almost did the play this summer, but instead we are doing Damn Yankees.

Hey just though I'd sign you guestbook. 2nd signing!

Write back sometime
Miky220 CheerleadingCaptain
May 10, 08 2:03am
Listen, Hun, I've known Scott way longer than you. I know there's only a 1% chance that he'll say yes. And that's only with my approval. You see, "Whitney", Scott's not really into the peppy-always happy-blonde bombshell-happy go lucky types. He's asked ME to be his Neo-Girlfriend. I've suggested that we could still remain BFFs, and he could be your Neo-Boyfriend, and chances aren't lookin' so great. Don't be to upset if I snag him.. we'll know that the better girl got the guy.