Okay...well it says at the side here
"Don't know what to include? Whatever comes to mind and whatever you want to tell others about yourself. Be natural, be funny, be creative, but most of all, be you."
Being Natural-
Hello. Lovely Weather we're having.

Being funny-

Being Creative-
I am a fish with blue eyes and grey hair. My mum is bear bait and my dad is a pilot.

Being Me-
I have met the queen of England.
I swear on my life and I swear to god (if I'm lying I die and go straight to hell) I shook her hand. I went to the opening of the scottish parliament as an invited guest and shook her hand.

When I was EIGHT.
I find it quite funny that when my mum asked me what I liked the best, I said "The shortbread."
This was all because I designed a postcard. But enough about that.
I've changed my image alot. I let my hair grow long, so now it's down past my shoulders, and it's also dyed brown! I look much better.
But, on the bad side, I need glasses, so I'm sitting typing away, looking at the screen through these big lenses.
I've got a new Boyfriend, Scott, but my Neohusband still remains!
Here is what my neofriends REALLY think of me! I asked them to fill out this survey:

[color=purple]Would you say Cheatergirl was
a) Always hyper
b) Mad about collecting rubber ducks
c) The best neofriend ever!

Would you say Cheatergirl's relationship with you is
a) Rocky
b) Great! We're bomas.
c) Not good, not bad. Sort of in the middle.

Finally, sum up Cheatergirl in about 20 words.

Thank you for taking this survey![/color]

Here's what they put...

ANGELTHY:1st Answer -

C! Everyones always by best friend. :]

2nd Answer -

B! :]

Cheatergirl is a friendly neoseeker that really loves having fun much like I do. I think she's awesomeness and cooliness. Woo!

BB_BRONA:*pending reply*

HARUKAKIOKU: *pending reply*

Rubber ducks.:p

We are...bomas?

Cheatergirl is cool and sometimes too smart for her own good.:p This is the last eight words muhahaha. Ha.

STARZ:*pending reply*

I'm always welcoming new Neofriends! Some of my neofriends are really close. Here are my closest neobuddies!

Impulse- Neohusband (shared with Diamondflame)

Starz- Neosister

terrierboy- Neobrother

BB_Brona- Neosister?

Angelthy: Neosister?


Get 50,000 posts-

Become a moderator of AC:WW-
Become a moderator of MKDS-
Become a moderator of SMB-TAR-
Become a moderator of the Writer's lounge-

Get 10 PMS- Completed
Get 100 PMs- Completed
Get 1000 PMS- Completed
Get 2500 PMS-

Get 10 pages in my guestbook-

Get a proper neohome-

Finish my 1st book in the Writer's Lounge-Completed (The Adventures of Yunga Yii)
Finish my 2nd book in the Writer's lounge-

Pursuade 5 friends to join-
Pursuade 10 friends to join-

Get Neomarried- Completed

Erm...that's about it really!


I am, what my friends like to call, a "Twilight Trooper."
There is a group of about 7 of us in our class and I'm only on the first book but it rly gd!!!

I like food. A LOT. Crisps, cake, chocolate, spring rolls, sausage rolls, mini rolls, jam rolls, tuna pasta salad, chargrilled chicken pasta salad, pickled onions, fish and chips, avocado, yorkshire puddings, steak dinners, ice cream, popcorn you name it, I love it.
Except mushrooms.
And sometimes I don't like celery.
But that's about it.

Another thing I like doing is COLLECTING RUBBER DUCKS!
I have 14 ducks in total and I specially like the "bud" range :D.

I LOOOOVE WRITING and I have a lot of stories in the writer's lounge. One of my copleted stories is "The Adventures of Yunga Yii." and I am working on "The further adventures of Yunga Yii."
The credit of Yunga Yii's name is given to my good buddy Kirsty, but now she tells me that Yunga Yii was, infact, a giraffe, and Yunga Yo was a monkey.
And I made Yunga Yii the monkey.

W H O O P S.

I also loooove MUSIC and my fave band is Alphabeat and fave singer Rihanna!!!

I also love animals an I have a very cute cat lying on my sofa right now. He's our family pet, Zep (don't ask.)
Although I'm not too keen on horses. I like them, but I don't like riding them.
I like the very small, hairy goats.
And highland coos!

I also LLLOLOOOOOVVVVEEE the colour purple. I find it very regal and calm and rich.

I also luv TV! I like
Harry Hill's T.V. Burp
Mock The Week
Big Brother (I'm NOT a chav just because I like B.B!)
The X Factor (I <3 Leon Jackson!)
and Hell's Kitchen USA.
I like anything funny really. I'm a bit of a depressed person.

Have you ever tried a coffee-chocolate milkshake? I hope to someday as I also love getting SO HYPER that even if my friend says something simple like "Snowman" I laugh until I cry/wet myself/shit myself (delete as appropriate)
LOL. I've never acctually shat myself laughing. LOL.
...erm...LOL!!!! LOL!!!! I WAS ONLY JOKING! LOL!!! LOL!!!
*collapses and dies with the stress of it all*


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