segaman Charmed Girl
Feb 19, 08 7:57am
Hey, I hope you like this stamp, buddy!

Feel free to sign back!

Distortion Charmed Girl
May 3, 06 3:42am
Dunno if you remember me or not, but I've seen you around Loungin' and thought I'd stamp you again.

Dat's all I gotta say.


Kid Clutch Charmed Girl
Mar 22, 06 2:35am
Wassup hon, I'm just chillin' and signin' your g-book. Glad to see you added me on MSN, hopefully we'll get to chat a lot in the future. You're a nice poster in the wrestling forum, and um... *looks at banner* I see... Orton's goddess, eh? Uhm, anyway, take care 'cause you've just received a hazardous signin'.

From yours truly,
~~Tha Black Phenom~~
Minds Charmed Girl
Mar 4, 06 10:54pm
Hi there, Charmed Girl.

I see you around the Wrestling forum quite a bit. Like quite a few people actually, ah well. You also said that you was a Killswitch Engage fan so that definantly deserves a signing.

Sign back.

Regards and stuff
Nick Nevermore - Stuck Dead Music.
Hardy_Will_Not_Die Charmed Girl
Feb 25, 06 9:08am
Hey, I'm banned atm, so I thought that i would sign a few guestbooks, prepare to be stamped! (oh and where are my naked pics!)

See Ya!

HilaryDuffGta Charmed Girl
Feb 1, 06 4:46am
hello sorry i have no stamp or nothing but i thought i would sign it and say hello hopefully we can become good friends.Im definitly gonna be hanging out in the wrestling forums a lot more and will prolly add my myspace to my profile too so i can makes some more friends.

nice meeting u u seem really cool and kick a**
Dimitrios Charmed Girl
Jan 28, 06 8:49pm
Saw you around Neo, you seem like a nice person with a warm heart and ... haha nah just joking, I like your boobies.

C17 Charmed Girl
Jan 27, 06 11:36pm
I know you a little, but the most I know you,I feel very identified with you , you are my hero, and i justcome here to say hello.
PE:I hope someday I can wrestle alongside you...
Kokoro Charmed Girl
Jan 25, 06 7:15am
I'm Spyro Princess's (AKA Ayla) slave and she's is Neoseeker's best and sexiest member. If you don't know her then you should meet her.
BILFY Charmed Girl
Jan 20, 06 8:02pm
Hey wresting fan! Not too many ladies in the wrestling forum, good we can get other sides of opinions and stuff. so hows it going? Hi I'm Bilfy, people call me, Bilfy.

Im kind of a big deal.

haha jk
huhwhat Charmed Girl
Jan 2, 06 4:02am
I want those naked pics!

Just kidding... but they would be nice.

Saw you around the Loungin' forum and decided to sign your guestbook.

Cute Phantasy Charmed Girl
Dec 26, 05 1:34am
seee your another charmed fan! cool i guess you like Paige judging by your avatar!

wow its amazing the fuss you stormed up at the photo album lol! alot of horny guys out there i guess

hey Merry christmas hope you have a good one!

from *drum roll*
Ben85 Charmed Girl
Dec 25, 05 6:34pm

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Al Capone Charmed Girl
Dec 25, 05 8:35am
here is you a stamp from none other than me
Al Capone

cya around the forums, and keep suppoting them Longhorns
S568010892Z Charmed Girl
Dec 24, 05 8:34am
...the format of those links works only in the forum...and the version that works here exceeds 5000 characters.

Well, here's a link anyway.

Take care!
ZeroSystem Charmed Girl
Dec 24, 05 7:53am
I'm not really one for all these little stamps etc. So I apologize for the lack of one, and hopefully you aren't too disappointed (is it 2 s' or 2 p's in that word? Even after 12 years of schooling I haven't figured it out).

Is your e.mail just on display or are we free to add, I'm always looking for new friends.
Vapour Snake Charmed Girl
Dec 24, 05 7:27am
I have seen you around a lot in the last day or two, so i decided to bite ya.

Prime Hunter Charmed Girl
Dec 24, 05 7:00am
Hey, I saw your posts on Loungin', so I wanted to come here and sign


SOrry, I know I'm lame..

Well, hope to hear from ya..

Sosai X Charmed Girl
Dec 24, 05 2:36am

Looks like you're one of the good gu-ehh girls on Neo. We need more. >_>
Oh and I also like the fact you're a Charmed fan. It's like my fav TV show ever. Well actually it's a tie with Sex and the City, the Simpsons and Family Guy.
But you'll get the idea.

Here's my awesome *cough* Holiday stamp:

Stay cool, take care.

Love, Melody

Hawkeye Charmed Girl
Dec 23, 05 10:16pm
U r like zo hawtt (wait or is it spelled "hott"? Whichever looks lamer). U r zo hott/hawt/hotzlolz

I wanted to get in here and make a signing before you got hit by the nubs but it seems I was beaten, so it's too late! Hahaha!

Merry Valentines Day or something.
Distortion Charmed Girl
Dec 23, 05 9:47pm
Hey, Charmed Girl. Welcome to Neo. I've seen your posts, and it looks like you're one of the few people that isn't a n00b, lol. Well, have a stamp.

See ya!


lordevil Charmed Girl
Dec 23, 05 9:45am
Hey, just thought that I would give you a warm welcome to Neoseeker by stamping your GB!

I didn't make this comic. But if you want to check out more of these, check out this site.

Happy Holidays from,