I finaly found the time to redo this. First of all I am Dislacsic. I can't spell to will. but I will try my best. Second, if you are going to post in my book no nudedy pic's I got one and I don't aprove radom peaple posting nudedy in my Book. If i wana see that I would go to anather site. If I get anather I will report you thilthy basterd. I can appreshat art and the femail inadimy but no. no. and no Third, I am going to stop #ering. I am not a fallower. If you wana chate. feel free to PM me. but don't be an A22. and Don't abus Acranims. If you wana realy known me PM me. I can't post my hole history and discribe my self in a Biography. you shap you know prspactive. If you are rong I will tell you but the hardest thing this to change ones mind. If you are right you are most likely a good friand or somthing.
( see can't spell worth 2 sh1t2 )


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Dyslexia is considered to be a learning disability. It manifests primarily as a difficulty with written language, particularly with reading and spelling.
I have this.
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