re: Mega Shuppet Chaos Team how do those rests feel?

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This is my cue to leave. You can't ever really "leave" Neo but I don't intend to post anymore. If you want me, you know where to find me. :D
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you so are XD you always bash the younger fans of anything XD read more

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Only MK8 for the moment. But yeah I'll add ya as soon as this update bloody...
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games?! and I think i'm JasonCT but i'm not sure so just try to add me since I won't be home for a while XD read more

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Sir! Keep in mind that I am only a Mawile, no one would give me money because I have...
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But Toy Story 3's ending was perfect... read more

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It's been forever since I saw that show. When I was younger, that and Sonic...
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if it makes you feel any better erin's kik has been ded for like ever B) read more