Chaos Team shared a forum thread
Jan 07, 15 5:54pm

I'm not that egotistical that I'd feel the need to make a departure thread all for myself, but since this will most l

Chaos Team
Jan 07, 15 5:18pm
This is my cue to leave. You can't ever really "leave" Neo but I don't intend to post anymore. If you want me, you know where to find me. :D
Chaos Team
Oct 03, 14 12:38am
So I still haven't even gotten halfway through Ruby for the Grand Prix but Smash Bros comes out tomorrow help
Chaos Team
Jul 22, 14 8:10am
Starting Ruby for the HoennGrandPrix, supsup
Chaos Team
Jul 20, 14 7:11am
I finished seasons 1 and 2 of Digimon. Wat do. (Thinking of Pokemon)
Chaos Team
Jul 17, 14 3:17am
Planning on replaying a Hoenn game before the remakes come out? Why not join a friendly competition while you do it?!
Amsey Chaos Team
Jul 08, 14 2:04pm
You are banned from calling jewellery, jewelry. >:(
Squiggle Chaos Team
Jul 03, 14 1:26pm
"When tennis players were asked how they eat their strawberries"
Chaos Team shared a forum thread
Jun 29, 14 2:04am

This question may not be much for people who joined a few months ago, but I know a lot of people who've been on this site

Chaos Team
Jun 25, 14 5:26pm
I just fixed my parents' computer literally by saying "did you unplug it and plug it back in?"
Squiggle Chaos Team
Jun 02, 14 9:48am
Walk up to the club like whaddup I kinda beat Sock.
Chaos Team
May 28, 14 4:17am
DIS KIRBY GAME DOE. oh and happy birthday to me :D
Chaos Team shared a forum thread
May 23, 14 1:31am

*sad Hoenn trumpets* So I most recently broke my second pair of headphones this year (everyone, this is your cue to clap

Chaos Team
May 22, 14 7:54pm
canderson x Rosalina & Luma
Chaos Team shared a forum thread
May 19, 14 5:39pm

I remember hearing someone on Neo say that they didn't like any seafood at all, which I thought was kinda cray because f

Chaos Team
May 05, 14 6:57am
people are just waking up and i'm still studying for exams
Chaos Team
Apr 29, 14 4:46am
*life spirals downward due to lack of motivation*
Chaos Team
Mar 02, 14 12:46am
Thank you Sigma

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