Hi I'm just going around signing some random and not random guestbooks because I've got nothing better to doXD

have a nice day~

Hope you have a good one!
Alright! Summer is here at last! I hope you great one. See ya later!

Hey there! Just a random guestbook signing spree. Make sure you sign back

Hey there!

I hope you have a great Valentine's Day


.:Matt Addison:.

So sorry the signback is so late; Deis is a very busy person. Without her, my life would mean nothing, for I am absolutely worthless. She's so generous that she's allowing me to use her name in public, which is something that I otherwise wouldn't dream of doing.

She's the most beautiful woman in the world, and being her slave is a privilege, rather than a burden.

From the slave, verdantabyss.

Hello there, here I am wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I hope you enjoy the holidays.

Well, it's that time of the year again. Jingle bells ringing, champaigne corks popping, and looking back the year 2006 has gone by so fast!

The rabbit says to stay out of trouble and to have a great holiday season.

Wishing you and yours the very best for Christmas and 2007, and looking forward to another year on Neoseeker!

Take care,


Just here to sign your GB.

Please sign my guest book in return. thx.
Ooooooooh Yeah! Hey Kaos, due to random signings, boring and generic stamps to all.

See you around.
Hey CS, Hows Neo working for ya? Good to hear. Guess what? There's a petition for a Paranormal Forum. Please sign it

Seeya Around!
here i got more im lazy

hehehehehehehehe naruto uzumaki the next hokege
Hi i like your work pretty much, and you posted in my DP (sometime ago) oh well anyway there you my new stamp. Jope you like it.
PMFGz I finally got around to making (as in, stealing a picture off the internet and adding text) a stamp?!

Generic signings for all!

You are easily the coolest guy on neoseeker. And, to show my appreciation for curing me of my chronic boredom, here's a cool stamp!

Just thought I'd say hello. I love your siggy and avatar! wanna be friends?

Hiyaz! Just here to wish you a happy Summer! By the way, i'm loving ur Banners + Avatars. I'm not too sure about your current one though <:]

Anyway, have a great summer and live it large!

Hey, just thought I should sign your guestbook with my brand new shiny stamp!

Sign back!
I'm on a signing spree! Sign back or I will have to leave Neo forever!

I have some stamp, and just dropping by to say "hi," keep cracking up to the I Must Be Emo song.

Well I reckon your GB needs a signing. Major thanks for those links. Very interesting... and somewhat distracting. XD


Yeah, nice pair of big... eyes. XD

I dunno, I think you and Killik 64 are tied for the perv award. Just kidding, you are.

He eats a tree.

Random stamp of doom.
*saves image to folder*

Supreme thanks for the picture Chaos, you really know how to make a day even better! XD

Any special site you get these from... for no reason at all of course. >>;