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Final Fantasy Tactics

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  • "On of the best games of the PSone era, and of the series as a whole. They need to make a sequel for a platform console. 4.5/5 stars. FinalFantasyTactics"
    alphador Aug 19, 11 3:31pm
  • "Wow.. I liked the story.. plus, the job system is fun.. but the best is cloud FinalFantasyTactics"
    Azure lion Nov 29, 09 4:12pm
  • "100% complete All items Almost all characters (Yeah, I don't keep the ones I don't like.) great deal of characters have mastered all... FinalFantasyTactics"
    Shiya64 Nov 20, 09 7:06pm
  • "I've gone through the story mode. I still have to get all of the jobs and any secret things that may be hidden in the game. FinalFantasyTactics"
    TheZoeman Oct 20, 09 10:06am
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