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Clock Tower 3

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  • "Completed CT3 tonight ... that final boss fight was difficult. It's a great game though with a decent plot! On to another game ... ClockTower3"
    lovegaming Sep 10, 11 10:45pm
  • "Alyssa is a 14 year old with lots of babyfat. She wears a kilt like school uniform, and crawls around. A lot. She is diagnosed with... ClockTower3"
    Ethereal Feb 18, 09 2:50am
  • "Snippity snap! ClockTower3"
    StrawberryDiamond825 May 5, 08 5:58am
  • "Chopper kicks almighty @$$! ClockTower3"
    ScissorWoman Feb 12, 07 1:58am
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