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Breath of Fire III

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  • "Game Completed. This was a fun game. BreathOfFire3"
    Logan Mar 31, 11 10:00pm
  • "January 2nd, 2011 Game Completed! Boss Defeated! BreathOfFire3"
    Logan Jan 02, 11 2:30pm
  • "There is a lot more to do in this game than the first 2, lots to do still... BreathOfFire3"
    Logan Dec 30, 10 1:20pm
  • "had it not long after it first came out for £20 (for a new copy) and over 10 years later the same price for a second hand copy, love it! BreathOfFire3"
    Lightice Dec 13, 09 12:33pm
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