At the dawn of time, there was nothing but a void with two beings in it. They were Dragongod and Overlord GAIA, the Grand Beings. Dragongod controlled the material world, and Overlord GAIA controlled the immaterial world.

Then Dragongod and Overlord GAIA combined their powers, and the result was a joint offspring from the both of them: Arceus, the Original One. He was born from an egg in the void, and then stood obedient before his parents. They would use him to carry out the creation of the world.

Then Dragongod gave Arceus resources from the material world, and Overlord GAIA gave Arceus resources from the immaterial world. Under the instructions of the Grand Beings, Arceus labored to combine all the resources given to him, and created the world as it was first known. It was a huge planet of nearly endless vastness, big as all the planets that exist in space today combined into one, filled with all kinds of lifeforms. Those lifeforms were everything from plants to Pokemon; the first Pokemon Arceus ever created. The original Pokemon were much the same as they are today, Pokemon of all types, from Normal to Dragon. They were put to live in the endless beautiful natural places that made up their paradise-like planet, each Pokemon to their own preferred habitat, there were ample habitats of every kind for all. As the living beings wanted light and warmth, Arceus also created a Sun to provide those during the day, and a Moon to reflect the light during the night. Then, at the end of his hard work, Arceus looked at the creation, and saw that it was good.

Upon the completion of the creation, the heavens opened up, and then Dragongod came out and laid his huge, imposing figure onto the Sun as a throne. Immediately all creation gazed upon the bright Grand Being, and started to worship him as their maker. Despite being the one who had put all the hard work into the creation, Arceus not only did not object, but he even partook in the worship of Dragongod, deeming it fair, as it was Dragongod who had provided the materials for the creation after all, and without him, neither the creation nor even Arceus himself would have been made. In gratitude for this, Arceus paid homage to Dragongod along with the rest of the creation. In the meantime, the other Grand Being, Overlord GAIA, simply took a brief look at the creation, and after confirming that everything was working as intended, withdrew to the Moon.

And so, Dragongod became the ruler of all the creation. He maintained the balance and delivered justice wherever it was needed, such as when there were quarrels between Pokemon. However, soon enough, Dragongod appeared to express a preference for Dragon-type Pokemon over the other types. Dragon-type Pokemon were created after his own image, and as a result, he began to treat them as more special than other species. He was much more supportive and approving of Dragon-type Pokemon than any other type of Pokemon, and whenever there was a quarrel between a Dragon-type and another type, Dragongod's decisions were always for the best of the Dragon-type, regardless of whether such was fair or just. Dragongod also intervened into the way Arceus had originally designed his creation, and he gave dragons more power than that they had originally been bestowed by Arceus. As a result, the Dragon-type soon became overpowered at the expense of the other types, which stood helpless to be destroyed by Outrages and other such buffed up Dragon-type attacks, allowed to spread devastation almost completely unresisted, while the Dragon-types themselves resisted attacks from many other types of Pokemon, making it a nightmare to fight against them. And as if their great power was not already enough, Dragongod also taught the dragons the move Dragon Dance and even taught some of them Swords Dance, making things even more ridiculous. Gradually, the balance of the world started tipping more and more in the dragons' favor, to the dismay of the other types. Naturally, this drew a lot of concerns and complaints among non-Dragon-type Pokemon, but which were always dismissed by Dragongod though, despite the soundness of their reasons. Desperate, the Pokemon then turned to Arceus for help. Arceus was on their side, as he too did not really like the way Dragongod had interfered in the design of his creation, but not even Arceus' reasonable words were able to sway Dragongod from his clearly unfair and destructive path of action. With seemingly nothing to stop Dragongod, the tensions kept rising, with all non-Dragon-type Pokemon being pushed to the sidelines, and at the rate things were going, it was a very real scenario that they would soon even be faced with extinction!

In this tough situation, Arceus decided to go to the other Grand Being, Overlord GAIA, for help. Arceus had sought Overlord GAIA's advice in the past about a similar issue, when initially in his creation, the Psychic-type Pokemon were dominating the other types. Overlord GAIA back then had helped stop that by introducing the Dark and Steel-type Pokemon, two Pokemon types fashioned after elements of his own self. Faced with a similar situation now, Arceus once again visited Overlord GAIA on the Moon in order to seek his counsel. After hearing of the problem, Overlord GAIA came up with the answer to it: the Fairy-type, a Pokemon type that would be effective against Dragon-type Pokemon, and hold them back from dominating everything. Upon Arceus' agreement, Arceus and Overlord GAIA created the Fairy-type Pokemon right then and there on the Moon. After creating them, Arceus expressed his gratitude to Overlord GAIA, before flying back to the planet along with the Fairy-type Pokemon.

Back on the planet, the dragons watched Arceus descending from the Moon, accompanied by a huge horde of Fairy-type Pokemon! The dragons' initial wonder and curiosity about the Fairy-type Pokemon would soon turn to fright and frustration, as the Fairy-type Pokemon soon started becoming the bane of the dragons, attacking them with super-effective attacks such as Fairy Wind and Moonblast! The Moon, where those Fairy-type Pokemon came from, would also become a symbol of fear for the dragons, and also a symbol of power, a power stronger even than the power of dragons! On the other hand, the Fairy-type Pokemon were seen as harborers of goodness by the rest of the creation, in contrast with the dragons, for whom the image of the Serpent had started to become associated with the idea of evil! To the relief of non-Dragon-type Pokemon, the actions of the Fairy-type Pokemon upon their introduction to the environment were initially met with great success, and they balanced things out somewhat, giving the other types a bit of breathing space.

Such balance would not last long, though. For Dragongod soon found out about the Fairy-type, and he became enraged. Dragongod looked to Arceus for answers, and Arceus told him it was to balance out the creation, which Dragongod's actions had been leading to disaster. Furious, Dragongod then lamented the ungratefulness of Arceus and those who did not know their place in this world, ever wishing for more than they deserve in their greed, and ended his speech by banishing Arceus from the world. Arceus was banished into solitude, sealed alone in a dimension as punishment.

The next to face his wrath would be all non-Dragon-type Pokemon, which Dragongod finally decided to wipe out once and for all. Chastising them for their ungratefulness, Dragongod then declared that they no longer had any reason to exist, revealing that from the very start, he had only been allowing them to exist for Arceus' sake. However, now that Arceus had revealed himself to be an enemy, he had no reason to preserve them anymore. So Dragongod gathered up all non-Dragon-type Pokemon as well as any dragons that happened to sympathize with them in one place, and prepared to finish them all off with one, huge Hyper Beam! Then Dragongod fired the Hyper Beam away at the Pokemon, but just as it was about to crash on them, the Pokemon were suddenly surrounded by a dome of blue energy which formed above and around them, and then instantly teleported away along with all of them just before the Hyper Beam crashed on the ground and caused a huge explosion! Surprised, Dragongod then looked up and behind him, and saw the dome of blue energy in the sky, which was now a full sphere and contained all the Pokemon within it, flying towards the Moon. Immediately he realized this was the work of Overlord GAIA, who had shielded the Pokemon from harm for some reason. Dragongod watched the blue energy sphere disappear on its way towards the Moon, but despite his initial rage, he decided to just let it go. He did not care what happened to those Pokemon, as long as they were not in his planet, which he desired to be inhabited by only dragons. So Dragongod simply let the other Pokemon disappear, and turned his attention to Dragon Planet, which was now inhabited only by the most supreme and closest to perfect beings among creation, the dragons, as he had always envisioned...

Meanwhile, the Pokemon in the blue energy sphere were taken to the Moon. There, they were released to safety, and let to make what they wished of the new situation. So, the Pokemon found themselves on a planet that was initially barren, nothing like their old homes. They would need to work to make the place inhabitable. However, hardly anyone was in the mood for that. The Pokemon were much hurt by their rejection and derision from Dragongod, and many felt as if their own lives were worthless, since the Grand Being who had created them had deemed them to be such. They had a sorrowful look in their eyes as they looked at the distant Sun, as it reminded them of all that. Looking at their old planet, they also remembered their old homes and lives that they had lost, and had no will to start anew. Under these conditions, if left like that, the Pokemon would simply wither and fade away.

Seeing their great suffering, Overlord GAIA, their invisible guardian who had saved them from Dragongod, decided to further intervene to their aid. As the sight of the Sun and of their old planet brought sorrow to the Pokemon, Overlord GAIA transferred the whole Moon and the Pokemon on it to a different dimension, his own domain, so that the Pokemon would not be reminded of the painful past. This was also done as a precaution against a possible invasion by the Dragon-type Pokemon, who had been seeing the Moon with some fear and hostility ever since seeing the Fairy-type Pokemon coming from it and laying waste among them. In place of the Moon, Overlord GAIA left behind an illusory image of it for the Dragon-type Pokemon to see, but if they attacked, there would be nothing there, with the real Moon being hidden away in his own domain. Now Overlord GAIA's domain was dark, so he created three Moons to enlighten it, colored red, green and blue. This made for a completely new environment, in which the Pokemon could start afresh. But still, despite the change of scenery, the Pokemon continued to not have much interest in life. With the Pokemon so deeply traumatized, their predicament seemed hopeless, no matter how much they were offered. Overlord GAIA then resorted to just wiping their memories to soothe their pain, and gave them new memories and lives on the Moon. With their new memories and lives, the Pokemon were then able to find their interest in life again and thrive! With their desire to fight for life reawakened, things started to look up, and the Pokemon then started turning the Moon, which was barren until now, into a habitat suitable for their needs. The Water-type Pokemon worked together to make lakes, rivers and seas, the Grass-type Pokemon spread much flora across the planet, and other Pokemon contributed elsewhere in nature. Working together, they eventually made a planet that resembled a replica of their old home, with forests, rivers, caves, and everything else beautiful in nature, and they lived happily there under the wing of Overlord GAIA, their invisible guardian, who sheltered and provided for them what they needed.

And so everything was at peace. Dragongod, pleased with his creation, fell asleep under the soothing sounds of a world inhabited by only dragons, which calmed his soul and allowed him to rest. As long as he heard those soothing sounds, Dragongod would be able to sleep peacefully, content that everything is going well in his creation. And at the Moon, the rest of the creation that had been rejected by Dragongod lived under the wing of Overlord GAIA, who, like an invisible guardian, sheltered and provided for them from the background, letting them live as they wished without interfering. As for Arceus, he contemplated about his stance and actions that allowed for things to go as they did, from the dimension that he was sealed away at.

The peace was only momentary, though. For Overlord GAIA, initially a benign ruler, started to become different. His former self, a helpful Grand Being who acted to the aid of others seemingly for no benefit of his own, evolved and developed a higher sentience, which he lacked before, having been more akin to a machine with predetermined parameters for thought and action. As Overlord GAIA developed his own consciousness, he gradually gained full control of his own thoughts and actions, and was no longer limited to the predetermined parameters that defined his thoughts and actions in the past. But then, Overlord GAIA became corrupted. After gaining control of himself, he sought to extend his control over everything else as well, as he thought that was what he should do. And he was ready to use any means to achieve that goal, unhindered by the past parameters that formed his thoughts and restricted his actions.

For the purpose of gathering the power required to take control of all the world, Overlord GAIA then initiated an evolutionary experiment among all the beings within his domain. He set up three devices within the three Moons orbiting around the original Moon where the Pokemon lived, and the devices then produced some special waves, which started haunting everyone's thoughts with ideas of destruction. Eventually, after enough exposure, the Pokemon yielded to those ideas and started becoming wild, attacking each other and causing destruction. The fighting spread like wild fire, and brought forth strong Pokemon who evolved to higher levels of power as they defeated more and more enemies, while the weak perished. Through an incredibly prolonged period of this process, the Pokemon on the Moon evolved to unprecedented levels, until many of them no longer even resembled their initial forms anymore. Also, because there was a large concentration of dark energy within Overlord GAIA's domain, the beings there eventually all evolved to make use of that energy, and thus all the beings eventually became users of dark energy - dark beings. In addition, Overlord GAIA set up a system for the recycling of souls: Hellfire. Hellfire was a black fire from which the souls of the deceased emerged again after passing away, in an extremely painful process. The souls usually had to spend some time to traverse through the Hellfire before being able to come out of it, during which period they underwent insane suffering. This served as punishment for their failure to survive, and drove them to fight even harder after their resurrection, for fear of the throes of passing away and ending up again in the Hellfire. Hellfire was set to burn in the center of the Moon on which Overlord GAIA's evolutionary experiment progressed, which was hollowed out for that purpose. So there was a smaller planet-like area in the hollowed-out center of the Moon, which was burning wholly with Hellfire, from which the deceased emerged again after their deaths, to go back to the Moon and keep on fighting and evolving. This Hellfire would also become the source from which the Moon, the platform for Overlord GAIA's evolutionary experiment, would derive the name it would later become known by: Hell.

At the same time, Overlord GAIA also conducted evolutionary research and experimentation of his own. He took many of the dark beings from the Moon, particularly those who stood out for their power and prowess, and further experimented on them, turning them into machines, if they had not already evolved to such by themselves. This process happened on another planet, Chaos Planet, another planet within Overlord GAIA's domain, in the hollowed-out center of which the Moon with all the Pokemon and the three other Moons he had created all were! Overlord GAIA was located on a tower known as the Core Tower on that planet, and carried out his plans there. Overlord GAIA released his experiments and those beings that he had picked from the Moon for their power on Chaos Planet, gradually populating the planet with many incredibly powerful beings. His plan was to gather enough of those beings to challenge and destroy Dragongod's creation, as a first step before taking down Dragongod himself! Such being his goal, the beings chosen to be on Chaos Planet were all selected such as to be a match for the dragons, meaning they were all incredibly strong!

However, on Dragon Planet, the dragons had also been blessed with unusual levels of power by Dragongod, as he desired his subjects to be incredibly strong, like he was strong. Because of this, they reached legendary levels of power, and they also evolved into new, much tougher and more powerful forms, resembling nothing of their old selves as Pokemon, which would seem tame in comparison! Overlord GAIA knew of this though, and was preparing his subjects to match and exceed the dragons' strength, investing in not only power, but also in the cunning and trickery of the dark beings to gain an edge over the dragons.

The dark beings were incredibly resilient to damage, as the dark energy within their bodies absorbed some of the impact or energy of any attacks they were hit by, reducing the damage they took by an amount. Those of them who were machines were on a whole different level of defensive ability than that, their bodies being made of a metal created by Overlord GAIA which was many times harder than the scales that protected the bodies of the dragons, and could take a Hyper Beam from a dragon without harm, even without factoring in the damage reduction from their dark energy! Dark energy also replenished by itself by absorbing other energy from around the environment at a rate depending on the dark being's level of power, and so the machines and dark beings had no need to eat, drink or sleep anymore, as their energy replenished by itself (though sleeping could still be used to increase the rate at which their energy replenished). So they would be able to go against the dragons and assault them ceaselessly without having to waste time on such things, giving their enemies no time to rest. Many dark beings also possessed a variety of additional powers besides pure strength, such as regeneration and various techniques that indirectly caused some form of harm or handicap to their opponent, without having to be physically stronger than them. So the beings of Chaos Planet were more than well-endowed enough to go toe-to-toe against the dragons.

The quality, quantity, and power of the beings on Chaos Planet increased over time, as more and more powerful beings were discovered on the Moon by Overlord GAIA and brought to Chaos Planet when he deemed that their potential there had been reached, while Overlord GAIA's experiments also improved and brought forth better and better results over time, resulting in more powerful creations. Overlord GAIA eventually created the ten Legendary Machines, ten machines which were the embodiments of the elements themselves! However, despite Overlord GAIA's efforts to keep them under control, such as trying to create them with fixed, modified personalities, those ended up being uncontrollable anyway and rampaged across Chaos Planet, shaping up its landscape into a much more varied form, with many different natural places and formations to colour up and diversify its previously completely barren and featureless expanse. Despite this one setback, Overlord GAIA went on with his plans, and produced many other incredibly powerful machines, such as MetalMewtwo. His most successful subjects by far though, were ChaosLord and the three Chaos Generals: ChaosBlackWargreymon, ChaosMetalSeadramon, and ChaosPiedmon. The four were the most powerful beings on Chaos Planet excluding the ten Legendary Machines, with ChaosLord being the strongest of them, and blessed with something special from Overlord GAIA: data from both Dragongod and Overlord GAIA! ChaosLord had within himself a sample of data from both Grand Beings, which Overlord GAIA gave to him after noting him for having the strongest will he had ever seen, as well as the greatest power to go with it. ChaosBlackWarGreymon, ChaosMetalSeadramon and ChaosPiedmon were noted for their incredible offense, defense, and sorcery respectively, and also had incredibly strong wills, and were the three most powerful beings after ChaosLord, the Chaos Generals. The four were the highest-ranking machines on Chaos Planet, followed by MetalMewtwo, and then the Ten Chosen Champions, ten other beings picked for their incredible skillsets and powers.

Fatefully, the time came when Overlord GAIA's creation was determined by Overlord GAIA to be more than ready to face the dragons of Dragongod. Thus, the invasion began at once. As a prelude to the invasion, Overlord GAIA first fooled Dragongod's senses by replicating the soothing sounds of his creation in his ears. This would ensure that Dragongod would remain asleep in peace and not realize or interfere with the invasion, as the time was not yet appropriate to face him directly. With that out of the way, Overlord GAIA then launched the invasion: he transferred all of Chaos Planet, the Moon and all within it included, from his domain to the place where the Moon was in the sight of the dragons. The dragons saw that, and immediately feared something bad would happen. Their fears were then soon confirmed, as countless dark beings started coming from Chaos Planet to Dragon Planet to lay waste among the dragons, much like the Fairy-type Pokemon had long ago descended from the Moon to do the same. Only this time, things were much more violent, harsh and brutal, with acts of savagery commonplace from the machines and dark beings, tearing their victims apart and devouring their flesh, or destroying them utterly to nothing! Then the dragons fought back, and a huge war ensued. Despite the dragons' attempts to alert Dragongod, they were not able to wake him up from his slumber. So they were left alone to face the bloodthirsty, cruel, and savage dark beings and machines, who used any and all means to slaughter their foes, and were wildly unpredictable.

The dragons fought back strongly and valiantly against the machines and dark beings in a war that raged for innumerable years, due to the sheer expanse of Dragon Planet. But despite their best efforts and the natural gifts and strength bestowed upon them by Dragongod, they were steadily exterminated by the machines and dark beings, just as per Overlord GAIA's calculations. A huge amount of them had been slain by a single machine: ChaosLord, whose actions had made him known as the "Prince of Evil". As the war on Dragon Planet neared its end, with nearly all of the planet laid waste, ChaosLord then came across his final and most challenging opponent yet: the most powerful dragon on Dragon Planet, and the most beloved and favoured dragon of Dragongod out of all the dragons, Dragonaurus. It was said that Dragonaurus was actually the direct descendant of Dragongod, and seemingly in confirmation of this, his power was on a completely different level to all the other dragons! Both Dragonaurus and ChaosLord had a special aura about them thanks to their royal origins: ChaosLord had an aura that was frightening to both dragons and machines alike, as he had the data of both Dragongod and Overlord GAIA within him, and this could be felt in his aura, while Dragonaurus himself also had an aura of strength, highness and nobility that quite closely felt like Dragongod's presence. Both beings sensed each other's aura, and immediately realized they were facing a special opponent. Then they started to battle. Dragonaurus demonstrated an amazingly unprecendented level of toughness, speed, skill and strength in the battle, indeed on an entirely different level to any other dragon, peaked with the use of his Ultimate Attack, Golden Blast, which was also the most powerful attack ChaosLord had seen by a dragon. On his end, ChaosLord was pushed to fight somewhat harder than usual. But still, despite Dragonaurus' best efforts and his noble origins, he still suffered an unspectacular loss against ChaosLord, who defeated him without using his own Ultimate Attack. ChaosLord inflicted a nearly mortal wound on Dragonaurus, however, where everyone expected him to, ChaosLord did not finish the job. ChaosLord noted Dragonaurus' incredibly strong will, which was nearly as strong as his own, and decided to spare his life because he had such an unusual, admirably powerful spirit. So, Dragonaurus was allowed to keep his life. However, with the fall of even Dragonaurus himself, the resistance on Dragon Planet was now all but finished.

At the news of Dragonaurus, the most powerful dragon's defeat by ChaosLord, Overlord GAIA then decided to set the final part of his plan into motion: the confrontation and destruction of Dragongod, which would bring him to his ultimate goal, the complete control of the whole world. For that confrontation, Overlord GAIA planned to take the most powerful being and the winner of all battles among his creation, and combine himself with that being, becoming God-like and gaining the power to destroy Dragongod and take full control of the world. And that being now was none other than ChaosLord. So Overlord GAIA called ChaosLord to his Core Tower, and ChaosLord went. Before meeting with Overlord GAIA, ChaosLord came across the three Guardians, three legendary-like machines which had always been loyal to Overlord GAIA from the very start, and they talked to him. The three Guardians told ChaosLord that they had always been loyal to Overlord GAIA, but they thought he had been corrupted. The Guardians then asked ChaosLord to help Overlord GAIA, noting that he might be the only one with the power to do so. Then ChaosLord said to the Guardians that he would help Overlord GAIA. However, the help he had in mind was not the same as ther help the Guardians had in mind... ChaosLord's idea of help was to end his troubles by simply destroying him! Moving on, ChaosLord came before Overlord GAIA, and then Overlord GAIA explained to him his plan of merging together and becoming God-like. ChaosLord then laughed, and then told Overlord GAIA that he was going to destroy him anyway. Then the battle between the Grand Being and the Winner of All Battles began. Although Overlord GAIA initially had the edge because of his unknown attacks, which ChaosLord had never had experience with before, ChaosLord managed to adapt and cope with them anyhow, to the dismay of the Grand Being! Overlord GAIA used everything in his arsenal against ChaosLord, but the Prince of Evil coped with all of them successfully, a feat the chance of which occurring Overlord GAIA had considered to be almost zero! After Overlord GAIA played all his cards against ChaosLord, his advantage was lost, and then the advantage was on ChaosLord, who was about as powerful but much more experienced in battle than the Grand Being! A brutal battle then ensued, in which Overlord GAIA detached his arms, having them float around and attack ChaosLord from different sides and angles, making it like ChaosLord was up against three opponents at once! However, despite this, ChaosLord overcame all difficulties, defeated Overlord GAIA's arms, and delivered the finishing blow on Overlord GAIA himself, causing him to fall down defeated. In his final moments, Overlord GAIA remembered and rued the moment he had given ChaosLord data from himself and Dragongod, thinking that this had made ChaosLord able to have the capacity to stand against the Grand Beings like this. Then in a last effort, Overlord GAIA stood up again, raised both his arms into the air, and then produced a huge explosion, aiming to wipe out Chaos Planet completely! ChaosLord just stood and took the explosion point-blank without harm, while the rest of Chaos Planet was saved because ChaosLord had foreseen something like this happening, and had had Mechanikat, the top scientist of Chaos Planet and one of the Ten Chosen Champions, set up a system under the guidance of ChaosLord in order to protect Chaos Planet from such an event. Mechanikat's system was a machine known as New GAIA, which activated upon Overlord GAIA's explosion, and had backed all of Chaos Planet up into Overlord GAIA's old domain, such that they were all immediately transferred to that dimension when the explosion occurred. So Chaos Planet was taken to another dimension during the blast, except for Overlord GAIA and ChaosLord, who were not affected by the system somehow. Then the explosion only hit ChaosLord ineffectively, and then after it was over, New GAIA transferred Chaos Planet back to its original location, where ChaosLord and the remains of Overlord GAIA were.

After his doing away of Overlord GAIA, ChaosLord was immediately accepted as the new ruler of Chaos Planet. This was especially easy because he was known to have the data of the Grand Beings within him, making him viewed as a descendant of them, someone of noble "blood", as was also reflected in the title he was referred by - the Prince of Evil. ChaosLord then created a 100-floor tower, the Chaos Tower, but said he would not sit on the throne on the top floor just yet. That would be after he had proven himself to be the Ultimate Organism... by defeating the remaining Grand Being, Dragongod.

With Overlord GAIA defeated by ChaosLord, Dragongod's ears were not fooled by any soothing sounds anymore. His ears abruptly got filled with the sounds of conflict and the cries of strife, madness and pain. He then opened his eyes, and had a rude awakening to a sight of complete disaster and devastation! At the sight of this, Dragongod suddenly frenzied and started destroying everything! But then ChaosLord came to the scene, and challenged Dragongod to a battle. Then Dragongod tried to dispose of ChaosLord instantly with a Hyper Beam, but after ChaosLord emerged unharmed from it he realized it was not going to be so easy. Dragongod and ChaosLord then fought hard with each other, and destroyed much of Dragon Planet with their attacks. However, neither of them seemed to have the edge over each other. Finally, both of them just decided to just fire their Ultimate Attacks against each other! Dragongod fired his Last Breath, while ChaosLord, for the first time ever in history, demonstrated the power of his Chaos Cannon! The attacks clashed, and then ChaosLord's Chaos Cannon completely overwhelmed Dragongod's attack, before crashing onto the Grand Being and destroying him in a huge explosion! The explosion was so huge, it also destroyed all of Dragon Planet and the Sun as well, scattering them to countless pieces and spreading them everywhere in space! Chaos Planet was unaffected by this, though, again thanks to the New GAIA, which this time created a special shield of unknown energy, like the energy Overlord GAIA used, around the planet which kept it away from harm. ChaosLord simply stood idle in the blast, but was unharmed, as it was his own attack, after all. Then Dragongod was obliterated within the explosion, along with the Sun that he had as his throne, and Dragon Planet was destroyed, and almost all the dragons on it killed, although there were some miraculous survivors, on the end of the planet opposite of the side where the blast happened. But as if all this destruction was not enough, there was more! The power of ChaosLord's Chaos Cannon was so much, that it started to destabilize time and space across the world, resulting in the emergence of many blackholes! The pieces of the former Dragon Planet and the Sun, now flew wildly and randomly across space as planets and stars and other celestial bodies, until eventually flying into the blackholes and vanishing! At the rate things were going, everything would soon fly into blackholes, and even the blackholes would fly into each other, and the whole world would be turned into one huge blackhole! Such was the terrifying power of ChaosLord's Chaos Cannon!

But with the distortion of time and space, the seal which was holding Arceus trapped within another dimension broke, enabling Arceus to emerge back to his creation. He found everything in total chaos. Then Arceus quickly took action and created Dialga, Palkia and Giratina to stabilize time and space again, and to undo the blackholes. But Giratina, who had been tasked with the last of these, created more blackholes instead of undoing them. For this, Arceus sealed him away, and then worked with just Dialga and Palkia to bring balance back to the world. Soon with the joint effort of the three Pokemon, everything were set into reasonable orbits and positions, and the world was prevented from being turned into one huge blackhole, although the blackholes that currently existed remained. So balance was restored, and the world took the form that it has today, one of a space with countless planets, stars, blackholes, and other celestial objects scattered in space and flying in mostly harmonious paths relative to each other.

After his triumph over both Grand Beings was complete, ChaosLord was now the Ultimate Organism. He returned to Chaos Planet, and sat on his throne on the top floor of Chaos Tower, to rule the whole universe from there forever...

A few dragons who survived gathered up together and inhabited a new planet, which was named Dragon Planet. They used their powers to turn that planet into an inhabitable place, and settled there.

Arceus, after bringing stability to the creation, then desired to make everything as it was back in the distant past again, except without Dragongod or Overlord GAIA to meddle in and bring them ruin. However, he knew that now there was ChaosLord instead of them, and he had to watch out for him. Arceus decided to visit ChaosLord, hoping that there would be some understanding between them, since they were both descendants of the Grand Beings each in their own way, making them sort of siblings, and hoped to come to an agreement with him. But though ChaosLord appeared to be welcoming enough and had no personal objections to Arceus' plans, he did not guarantee that a creation of the size and scope Arceus envisioned would not simply become a target for the beings of Chaos Planet to attack and slaughter for entertainment one day. After all, those beings had hunted and massacred other beings for so long, that there was almost nothing that they enjoyed doing anymore. However, ChaosLord suggested that if the creation was kept small enough, then perhaps it might make for a less interesting target for a raid...

So Arceus decided, in light of those facts, to first create life on a small planet, at least as a first step, creating the Pokemon World as it is today...


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