TDL12344 Chaos Crusader
Aug 15, 08 12:08pm

Hey there CC. I should have signed your guestbook earlier D= I tend to forget these things ^~^"

Thanks for being a friend and a loyal member to my crew (:

See ya around and stay cool.

Epic Chaos Crusader
Jul 25, 08 8:17am
Just signing the guestbook of my favourite Co-Leader.

So yeah. You're cool. Keep it up. =3
Pokepal 4226 Chaos Crusader
May 01, 08 8:43pm
Whoa! dude sweet Lucario pic.! Is it from smash bros brawl (I don't know cause I don't have super smash bros brawl)? and you've been on here awhile so I don't know why you don't have alot of signing thingies.
SonicFire Chaos Crusader
Mar 25, 08 6:13am
whoa,i dont know why ur guestbook isnt signed much but ill sign it!

ur not my best friend here on neo but i know ur not an enemy.anytime u want to battle or brawl,just PM me,im always up for a challenge!
Slepten Chaos Crusader
Mar 03, 08 1:22am
Just wanted to sign your GB, cause you got no signing thingies. So... hi! Can't believe you don't got any signing thingies, your a cool guy! Wait... you are a guy... right?