Hey there CC. I should have signed your guestbook earlier D= I tend to forget these things ^~^"

Thanks for being a friend and a loyal member to my crew (:

See ya around and stay cool.

Just signing the guestbook of my favourite Co-Leader.

So yeah. You're cool. Keep it up. =3
Whoa! dude sweet Lucario pic.! Is it from smash bros brawl (I don't know cause I don't have super smash bros brawl)? and you've been on here awhile so I don't know why you don't have alot of signing thingies.
whoa,i dont know why ur guestbook isnt signed much but ill sign it!

ur not my best friend here on neo but i know ur not an enemy.anytime u want to battle or brawl,just PM me,im always up for a challenge!
Just wanted to sign your GB, cause you got no signing thingies. So... hi! Can't believe you don't got any signing thingies, your a cool guy! Wait... you are a guy... right?