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May 26, 16 1:09pm

Now that the "Field Test" invitations have rolled out in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S., have any of y

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Mar 27, 16 3:15pm

I'm going to assume most people don't celebrate it here, but I just needed an excuse to post a thread. Hi Pok&eacu

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Aug 13, 15 6:12pm

You know how many people have been clamoring for a new, more expansive Pokemon game that includes more regions and content. W

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Jun 26, 15 2:42am

I don't think this game gets nearly enough love for how fun it is for being a simple (and most importantly, FREE) game! I

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Jun 26, 15 1:06am

We seem to focus too much on the bad things about ourselves ... okay, well I do. Do you ever look at yourself and think about

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Jun 26, 15 12:45am

Rules: 1. Press ctrl + V or 1a. (mac users) Press command + V or 1b. Right click and hit paste 2 (optional). Add comme

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Jun 24, 15 6:02pm

I'm posting this because I'm remembering when I played through Platinum, I was younger and naive, and thought that tr

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Jun 24, 15 6:32am

This is something I've talked to my friends and parents a lot lately, but often struggle with because I've stuck to s

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Jun 8, 15 6:24pm

WHAT THE HELL MAKES THIS PLACE SO ENTICING TO COME BACK? I've been playing a LOT of Pokemon lately (Shuffle, Rumble W

Chaos Team shared a forum thread
Jun 2, 15 7:15pm

(But that I know it probably WILL be?) An game to get us ... "accustomed" to Gen 6 Pokemon. At least from what I

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Jan 7, 15 5:54pm

I'm not that egotistical that I'd feel the need to make a departure thread all for myself, but since this will most l

Chaos Team
Jan 7, 15 5:18pm
This is my cue to leave. You can't ever really "leave" Neo but I don't intend to post anymore. If you want me, you know where to find me. :D
Chaos Team
Oct 3, 14 12:38am
So I still haven't even gotten halfway through Ruby for the Grand Prix but Smash Bros comes out tomorrow help
Chaos Team
Jul 22, 14 8:10am
Starting Ruby for the HoennGrandPrix, supsup
Chaos Team
Jul 20, 14 7:11am
I finished seasons 1 and 2 of Digimon. Wat do. (Thinking of Pokemon)
Chaos Team
Jul 17, 14 3:17am
Planning on replaying a Hoenn game before the remakes come out? Why not join a friendly competition while you do it?!
Amsey Chaos Team
Jul 8, 14 2:04pm
You are banned from calling jewellery, jewelry. >:(
Squiggle Chaos Team
Jul 3, 14 1:26pm
"When tennis players were asked how they eat their strawberries"

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