Hello neoseeker im offerin 120+ events sum evds and sum shinys im looking for good Evds or events i dont have so if i have sumthing u liek Pm me Events Egikan,Michina and TRU Arceus Crowns Entei,Raikou and Suicune Space C Gamestop 10th and all ranger deoxys Gamestop,Negashiboshi,SMR2010(UK and US)WSHMKR ,Daisuke, NZ and pokepark Jirachis World08 and palcity Lucario Ageto, Mitsurin, and Egikan Celibi(calm and Modest) Peli11,TRU, Ranger and egikan Shaymin Complete Poketopia set VGC09&WCS milotic pokebox swablu,skitty and zigzagoon Kyoto cross meida,Ash's,Pc yokohama,McDonalds,Aero,TCM,TCGWC,Poketopia and NPower pikachus Lugia,meditie,Cyndaquil,shuckle,larvatar,zapdos,Articuno and moltres from a distant land VGC10,PC,VGC10(german),amd WCS eevees Magmar,Electabuzz and wobufet from pokemon fiesta although wobufet had to be migrated Almia,egikan, and alamos darkrai complete saikyou set movie,TRU and Eurver09 Regigigas Jap.saphire,ruby and english spahire zigzagoon TRU,E4All, world hobby fair and palcity manaphy complete 10th aniversery set palcity,Hayley,Aura,MYSTRY,sumusumu(nov 11,2009 and FEb.9, 2010) mew Hadou regirock,regice,registeel, and mew Gamestop,shokotan and STAMP pichu Random events PCNYd Troupious,wish absol,yamamoto wiscash,Haley Phionie,Pokemon sunday Tropius,Red and green pichu egg,goon scizor,golgo octilery,NOK rayquaza,baba flygon,akiyama slaking,MATTLE Ho-oh,jeremy growlith,rnager heatran,b-day chinchar and chrmander,red metagross,concert chatot,TRU dragonite word09 wevile, GCEA totodile,daisuke culb magikarp,PC mewoth,and keyl riolu NOk feebas mucnhlax and tangrowth XD chikoreta daisuke milotic fiesta metang EVds rayquaza* Mild 349/329/226/436/208/203 Charizard Docile 316/204/192/317/205/281 celebi Modest 341/212/299/328/236/236 torterra Adamant 331/343/290/189/206/148 Aerodactyl Brave 302/339/166/156/186/323 Cloyster Adamant 304/459/242/189/239 Blaziken Adamant 301/372/239/230/176/196 venasaur Quirky 301/200/256/236/237/259 Shuckle* Realaxed 177/47/601/26/520/14 tyranatar Naughty 341/403/319/226/212/158 Flygon* Adamant 281/328/173/154/176/299 Porygon-z modest 311/176/239/405/186/216 Vapoeron Mosest 395/149/209/350/196/151 Arccanine adamant 321/350/196/213/195/288 Hippowdon Admant 420/320/305/137/152/106 Curselax* careful 503/256/196/149/342/96 swamert Relaxed 404/246/306/196/211/115 Scizor adamant technisian 281/349/237/115/196/229 Empoleon Modest 308/160/197/353/223/211 Swampert timid 342/287/279/206/216/171 Ambipom JOLLY 291/280/224/140/168/322 Gyrados Adamant 328/382/238/120/236/193 genagar Modest 324/299/219/359/249/319 metagoss admant 302/405/296/203/216/239 Galade LVL 50 admant 144/194/85/76/135/132 lucario adamant 282/350/176/239/176/279 suicune calm 341/167/267/279/361/206 staraptor Adamant 316/372/159/126/113/258 wevile adamnt 260/356/144/92/199/318 Rhyperior Timid 434/302/340/146/146/127 Milotic* female calm 394/197/257/299/383/261 heracross adamant 301/383/249/104/226/206 breloom* adamant poison heal 263/394/196/140/156/239 garchomp jolly 347/359/215/148/195/333 Blissey bold 712/36/130/174/307/141 jirachi jolly 342/299/236/212/236/328 electivire adamant 354/379/233/250/269/289 ninjask jolly 264/279/126/122/136/460 ludicolo modest 302/158/176/306/236/239 post any offers im mostly looking for events i dont have like XD totodile AKA distant land totodile any distant land pokes for that matter kyocera events b-day 2010 charmander all events UT please post good offers but no shiny offers or stoopid ones like lvl 45 ferlaigator for my crowns thanks and no shiny offers