Unnofficial Guide to Book Contributions

Why am I writing this? Unfortunatly, the Definite Guide to Contributing has yet to complete a guide for Book Contributions, so until that is made, I've taken the liberty of typing this up and featuring it in my NeoHome to clarify most anything that has to do with Book Contributions.

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DO: Include throrough details on what the book is about and what situation the protagonists finds himself/herself that starts the book.
DO: Use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation and paragraphs to make the information clear and easy to read.
DO: Copy official synopsis information from official book sites if the book is yet to be released and little is known.
DO: Read through your submission more than once to check it makes sense.
DO: Include basic information on a characters role and attitude.

DON'T: Reveal important information over plot developments or any information over a particular chapter.
DON'T: Include your own opinion and bias to the submission. We don't want to know if you believe the book is rubbish. Discussion over the book can take place within the forum.


DO: Submit the main author of the book. If there is more than one, submit the first one listed only.
DO: Submit new Authors if the current information is wrong or there isn't any current Author.
DO: Spell the name of the Author correctly. Just in case, if the Author you submit isn't currently in the database, it will reload the page possibly listing any Authors in the database that are closely related to the one you submitted.

DON'T: Submit multiple Authors. Currently, Book Profiles can only have one Author, so just submit the first one listed.
DON'T: Submit an Author from an unreliable source or one that the user submits the information and it doesn't undergo any screening process before being added.


DO: Submit a Publisher if the current information is wrong or if there currently isn't one.
DO: Make sure you get the whole Publisher's name right. If it isn't currently in the database it will reload the page telling you and possibly giving you related Publishers just in case you spelled anything wrong.

DON'T: Submit Publisher contributions if the current info is correct.
DON'T: Submit the Publisher from an unreliable source or one that the user submits the information and it doesn't undergo any screening process before being added.


DO: Submit the ISBN if there currently isn't one or the current one is correct.

DON'T: Submit the ISBN 10 and ISBN 13. Only the 10, and if it isn't available, submit the 13.
DON'T: Submit the ISBN from an unreliable source or one that the user submits the information and it doesn't undergo any screening process before being added.

Release Dates

DO: Submit release dates from as many different regions as possible.
DO: Submit release dates to as much Media that you have the information available to.

DON'T: Submit a hardcover release date for a paperback release date and vise versa and the same goes for region specific release dates.
DON'T: Submit a Release Date from an unreliable source or one that the user submits the information and it doesn't undergo any screening process before being added.

Book Media

DO: Submit new media if the profile doesn't currently have it.
DO: Hold down the Shift key when selecting the media if it is for both Hardcover and Paperback.

DON'T: Submit duplicate media. If the current media is fine then don't resubmit it.
DON'T: Submit media from any source that the information is user submitted that doesn't have to go through any screening process.

Profile Mini-Pics

DO: Make sure the images meet the 68 x 63 (width x height) pixel size requirements.
DO: Make sure the profile shot is something that you can instantly associate with the film.
DO: Submit images that show the book's logo.
DO: Replace current images if you feel they need to be changed.

DON'T: Exceed 7.5 KB of filesize. This is to ensure that visitors on slower connections (namely dial-up users) do not have too large page sizes to download.
DON'T: Submit images that show the Book's cover.
DON'T: Submit images that do not fit within the aspect ratio of the image, resulting in stretched content.
DON'T: Submit indistinct images.
DON'T: Add minipics that are animated images.
DON'T: Replace minipics that are already adequate.


DO: Submit a theme if it's constant throughout the book. Not if it's briefly touched upon in a few small scenes.
DO: Help change faulty information by submitting a new submission containing a more refined or adequate list pertaining to the book if you feel the current themes listed are not 100% accurate.

DON'T: Submit more than three themes (maximum, preferably two should be the logical limit for 99% of books produced.
DON'T: Be leniant with selecting themes. Be strict in deciding.


Boxshots are pictures of the Book's front and back covers, for both Paperback and Hardcover.

DO: Submit the largest cover size you can find (within reason). The system will resize the cover down for you, therefore retaining as much quality as possible.
DO: Submit high-quality covers you have scanned in yourself.
DO: Send front and back box shots as a pair if possible. This helps manage server load.
DO: Look for covers on official sites related to the book (including the publisher and author sites).
DO: Look for covers on online retailers of games. A good starting point would be at Amazon.

DON'T: Submit box shots from other game sites, especially where a watermark is present.
DON'T: Submit unclear images of general poor quality.
DON'T: Pair up seperate front and back covers from different regions. If you do not have a back cover for an American release, but do have one for a European release, contribute them separately.
DON'T: Submit box shots that have white or invisible borders around them. Anything that is not related to the cover itself needs to be cropped out where possible.


Screenshots are pictures of the book's pages. For the book's cover, see "Boxshots".

DO: Submit screenshots that you've taken yourself, through any means.
DO: Submit screenshots from the official book site.
DO: Submit screenshots from the publisher's and author's sites.
DO: Utilise Neoseeker's multiple screenshot submission form to send in more than one image at a time.
DO: Feel free to add a relatively brief comment that pertains to the image.

DON'T: Submit screenshots from other game sites (this is very important!) - especially if they have a "watermark" on them (ie. an icon showing that the screenshot came from that site).
DON'T: Edit out the watermark from another site!
DON'T: Make smaller images larger when resizing your images. You always want to shrink images when resizing, so the loss of quality is not as noticable. In other words, don't expand images.


DO: Submit links to online book review sites.
DO: Submit links to your own dedicated site featuring an article.
DO: Send in links for other online resources that provide coverage for the book.

DON'T: Submit links to other article indexing sites that serves the same purpose that Neoseeker does. It can becoming irritating for the visitor to be constantly redirected to different sites with more links on.
DON'T: Submit sites with content that could be deemed inappropriate.


DO: Submit links to dedicated fansites.
DO: Submit links to your own dedicated fansite.
DO: Send in links for other online resources that provide coverage for the book.

DON'T: Submit links to other review sites. If you want to submit a professional review for a product, do so under the "Articles" contribution section. You can find out more information about submitting articles in this contribution guide.
DON'T: Submit the link to a publisher's or developer's official product page (for example, www.vicecity.com) as a "Website"-type contribution. Submit product pages under the "Profile Information" section instead.
DON'T: Submit sites with inappropriate content.

Coming Soon

Credentials: Definite Guide to Contributing Movie Section for information on Themes, Background, and Profile Mini-Pics Guide. As well as for the Boxshots, Published Articles, Screenshots, and Websites sections.

Next Update: Complete the "Complete Book Submissions section as well as add minor descriptions to what each type of contribution actually is. Also adding color like it is in the Definite Guide to Contributing will eventually be added to make it easier to read and look cleaner.

Ending Notes: Before, my NeoHome really wasn't nothing special, more or less just a place where I kept all of my avatars and banners so I could quickly access the codes whenever I felt like changing one of them. I really hope the Definite Guide to Contributing gets up a Book Section soon, so there will be an official guide to use so you won't have to use my mediocre guide. Hope you have fun contributing!

If you have any suggestions, comments, or concerns for any part of this Guide, feel free to PM me about it.