WANTED MAN ( _Plot Summary:_ When a half-Chechen,

I finally started playing this game today, and just beat Flynt. That said, if it's anything like the original, it is much

Any chance we can get this cheat type added for the next generation platforms? In the meantime we can just put them under Acc

So yeah, I'm sure plenty of people have heard about the recent comeback US' Oracle Team had against NZ' Emirates

FIFA 14 review is up. Give it a read. :)

A football sim should be just that, an experience aimed at emulating the real life emotion, physics, and all around entertainment of an authentic match. EA attempts to achieve this annually with each new release in their FIFA franchise, and...

Bug: Myself and other members are now part of the Pokemon community we never consented to join, and can't remove ourselve

Source --Quote-- Updated on August 22nd, at 12:00: EA has been in contact with us to say that FIFA 14 for the PS Vita will Source Anybody else used to watch this show growing up? L

What system do you guys plan on getting this on? PS4 for me, even though that means I'll have to wait a few weeks, but st

This might be better suited for Forum Bug Reports, but because it has to do with areas outside of the forums as well, I'm


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