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Feb 8, 10 3:14am


My friend and I were having a conversation a while back, and after a long pause in the conversation, she asked me, "What is wrong with whales?"
I had no idea what she was talking about, so I asked what she was talking about.
She said whales had really sick minds and were named in a really weird way.
And she's right!
I mean really, Humpback whales?
Sperm Whales?
Killer whales?
Anyone else think this is weird...?

P.S. Ev, I wrote this blog post because you haven't posted a thread about it. ;D

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musicchic123891 Feb 7, 10
hahaha ilynh lol that was an awesome convo lol silly whales
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iCloud Feb 8, 10
What a strange conversation ;
But what am I talking about? I have weirder convo's :3 x]
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Millet Feb 11, 10
Hi Cerulean,

I like Maxfield Parish blue as a general statement about blue better, as Cerulean blue is a grittier looking color; but what about: "the Blue Whale?" Heh heh: Is this yet another insider joke-gone-and-made-my new info for the day?? Really. You got the "A of the A-list" today for most-overt heads-up dude, on my page! Whale-Names of dubious nomenclature indeed! Indeed!

Plus, I just started my Blog: Sorry I had to include you in the fallout, C.

Peace, ---J.
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Triforce of Wisdom Feb 17, 10
Sperm Whales always kind of creeped me out. It's unfair that such a lovely, majestic animal gets such a....a....odd name.
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angel of blood Mar 2, 10
i have to agree, it is kind of wierd that animals get such wierd or unfitting names.
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