Jul 9, 11 9:05pm
"Curiosity didn't kill the cat. Stupidity did. Curiosity? Framed."
Feb 11, 11 12:59am
Has been incredibly...depressed.
Jul 17, 10 5:49pm
says: " Leaving next Saturday for New York, going to be at camp for a week"
Jun 10, 10 5:29am
says: " Eyed leik ta eet ur sowlz. :D"
May 17, 10 2:11am
A painless lesson is one without any meaning.
Apr 15, 10 1:09am
says: " I'm hungry...can I eat you?"
Cerulean blogged
Apr 12, 10 11:18pm


I've already introduced myself as Mel in my profile, so now I'm just kinda bored and decided to add a pointless blog post that will waste several minutes, or seconds if you decide to stop reading, of your life!

So, uh, right now I'm working on a history study guide for school, and it's on the Great Depression. Man, I'm feeling a pretty "great depression" about school. [/badpunsforthewin] I honestly hate the place. It's so boring [though the teachers aren't that bad...], and I never learn anything that will help in life other than math and proper grammar, which I'm ok with. -__-
I don't mind learning about America's history, but it's pretty boring, same with Lit and Science, which I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE. I only like the parts of history that are about the wars, and I like the history of weapons. It's all pretty cool to see how warfare has evolved since ancient times, and the weapons along with it...

Anyways, enough about that, it's making me sorta depressed that I still have...one, two...about two and a half more months of school.

I'm currently obsessed with Fullmetal Alchemist and Pokemon. The new Soul Silver and Heart Gold games are pretty good, and they bring back a lot of memories from when I was little. And don't even argue with me that you're a bigger Pokemon fan, I've been playing for as long as I can remember. I have more than twenty Pokemon games too [Oh, gosh, what am I doing with my life? D:].

Uh, so I mentioned Fullmetal Alchemist, right? Yea, I'm really into it now. I LURVE Ed and Al. I basically like all the characters, except for Selim/Salem/however the frik you spell his name, the Fuhrer, and Kimbley. Oh, and Homunculus. I like the other Homuculii, but the original guy who looks like Hoehenheim is a freak. :P

Well, I'm sorta done talking about the random crap in my life, so yea, have a great life, and I'm not sorry for wasting your time~ ;D

portal other musingsthoughts
Feb 14, 10 3:57am
says: ": I want a strawberry soda."
Cerulean blogged
Feb 8, 10 3:14am

My friend and I were having a conversation a while back, and after a long pause in the conversation, she asked me, "What is wrong with whales?"
I had no idea what she was talking about, so I asked what she was talking about.
She said whales had really sick minds and were named in a really weird way.
And she's right!
I mean really, Humpback whales?
Sperm Whales?
Killer whales?
Anyone else think this is weird...?

P.S. Ev, I wrote this blog post because you haven't posted a thread about it. ;D

pokemon trainer card ice other
Cerulean blogged
Feb 4, 10 8:25am

Wow, can't believe I haven't started blogging yet. .__.
Oh well.
So yesh, this is my first time blogging!
Mel doesn't know the first thing about. -w-;
Oh, to hell with being traditional and crap, I'll wing it!
*is determined*
Mehh, my determination wore off, I'll pick up on that inspiration when I'm not so tired.
Seriously, I think I'm ranting now...
That's what happens when you don't get enough sleep.
So yea, Mel will be posting blogs now, seeing as she needs something to keep entertained.

other random
Feb 3, 10 4:01am
says: ": Mel is obsessed with Paramore~ :D"
Jan 13, 10 6:14am
says: ": Gwaaah, I'm so booored..."
Jan 7, 10 5:37am
says: ":Oh, shiz! I'm out of strawberry soda! DX"
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