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added Cero as a friend

What nostalgia have you brought up for me? Goddamn, your lament of the loss in PMD2 forums does not go alone. Those were the golden ages of this Seeker, yesiree. read more

I played this game when I had my GBA. Was awesome~! Went through all the endings and also managed to defeat the last boss with a single character and in only two attack turns ! read more

man i miss playing this game.... and your totally right it takes forever! but then again i guess its not that bad for such an awesome game and Ein is so awesome read more

You know what? I don't feel alone anymore.

Take it Cero. Take it now. read more

Let The Speed Mend It

This song's badass. Sure Sonic's games suck but this song is amazing. Creates a wicked Desert theme and on top of that, great drumming and not too annoying lyrics either.

The Seal Is Broken

Listen to the whole thing. This was composed by Nobuo Uematsu himself and when you face the final boss you get the feeling of "Holy shit" this was my favourite piece of music EVER. From the orchestral singers to the amazing build up this was the ultimate music. LISTEN TO ALL OF IT. You're missing out. Trust me man this will make you soil yourself it's that good. read more

Katamari On The Swing by Shigeru Matsuzaki (I think). Theme to We Love Katamari and it's bloody fantastic. read more

Einherjar are indeed in MMZ4 but there it means the Eight Warriors which doesn't match up to the word at all, since Ein is german for one.

Yeah; not in half vertically (if that's what you were thinking) but it can still slice an entire hill.

Nordic is the most badass, but the others are pretty chill too. read more

Yup. :3

Are you gonna let the kid die in the ending? I didn't. :3 read more


Where's 4? There's a 4, why isn't 4 here? Oh here's 4. :3


LOL at I'm waiting for your reply, You blocked me silly. :3 read more

Silly Soren, They did, but only on part 1 for some reason. *Goes to find them* read more

I mean't the link's sword banner and the rest was just insults supported by the guys but whatever. :3 read more

Well that's too bad. Sorry though. X3 read more

Oops I double posted. Sorry. read more

Can I spam here instead?

Your so sensitive, You know it's true anyway, And it's not like I'm posting 344dokghefjofhjn34thuighdf or something that stupid, just cold hard facts.

read more


Haha! I envy you for your awesome american accent. >__> But those videos were lulzy. read more