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    Note, this Neohome was made by my good friend Jazz

    Last NeoHome update~ 30/12/2009
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    Oh boy.

    Pass. I'll update this later, if at all.

    Long story short, I came, I saw, I stayed, I left and came back about 5 times, give or take, then stayed again and conquered.
    « interests »
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    My interests usually revolve around whatever I'm into. It varies.


    Artemis Fowl (Eoin Colfer)
    Inheritance Cycle (Christopher Paolini)
    Demonata (Darren Shan)
    The saga of Darren Shan (Darren Shan)
    Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling)
    And a few others I probably can't think of right now.


    Tales of Symphonia
    Final Fantasy (most of them)
    Fire Emblem
    Megaman (most of them)
    Legend of Zelda
    Mother/Earthbound series
    Donkey Kong Country
    Super Smash Bros.


    Death Note
    Code Geass (I still have to start this)
    Fullmetal Alchemist

    I also hate incredibly talkative people, people who ask too many questions, selfish people, and people who try and act cool when they're really being incredibly annoying bastards. I like people who plan ahead, unbiased people who take a logical standpoint, people who do shit without caring what others say.
    « friends »
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    All of my good friends get spots here.


    What can I say? Aze has been a good friend while I've been a member of the Knights of Cydonia (now deceased, I assume). We talk on MSN kinda (He's slow), so he's a great guy. He's also my neo-bro, so uh... yeah.


    Daydreaming <3
    You're funny, smart, nice, a terrible cook, and you're a fantastic friend. I'm glad I got to know you. I'm going to miss you, and I hope one day you'll come back and we can be together again. Love you Day. <3

    Diamond Ice

    Diamond (Previously Dark Missingno13) was one of my best friends when I first started RPing in Pokefiction. We barely, if ever talk nowadays. He'll have a spot here since he was one of the first people that gave me a reason to stay.

    Dragon Warrior1

    Dragon has been a good friend throughout my time. He's a fellow RPer in the Explorers of Time RP (Which I really need to get around to posting in) and also part of the Mystery Dungeon Spy game in the same forum. Naturally, I see him around a lot.


    My god, I owe you big time for making this Neohome for me.
    So yeah, thanks for making it, you're a great friend, and whatever other garbage you can come up with XD


    Wiki Staff 5 or 6 times? I lost count after Mother. Well, you're a good guy, fun to talk to, and you give some decent advice. Besides that, I'm not sure what else to say. Except that you're among the people I talk to most on this site, and you're a great friend, so thanks. Oh yeah, you still need to die.


    The times change. You were easily my best friend a few months ago, but now, we hardly talk. Honestly, that's something I regret. At the least, we're talking more now, so that's better.


    Slicer is pretty much one of the few people I both respect and look up to in the Brawl Crews. He's pretty much a kind, helpful leader who takes initiative. The "kind" part is pretty much the opposite of me. Helpful, slightly. He's my fellow leader in the Brawl Crew "Swords of Chaos", and he's been there since the beginning, so of course he's leader there. Keep on Brawling, Slice.


    Guy, you're a great... guy. You're easy to get along with, and you're a decent matchmaker. ;)
    If you're not on here, I may have forgotten you. If you ask me why you're not on here, I might just say that you don't deserve a spot. If you do believe you deserve a spot, give me a reason why If I consider it valid, I'll add you, and put what you like (within limits).
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    PM me, or if you know me well enough, ask for my MSN. If you PM me for no reason, don't bother. If I just see a PM that says "Sign my guestbook!" or "Hello!" or anything like that, I'll ignore it, and chances are I'll block you.
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    Friend Code: 1032-8258-7164
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    Wii Number: 6735-7466-5736-1711