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Oct 21, 10 6:51am

Ho boy, haven't updated this behemoth in light years. So here we go.

So it all started during French class. The unit is childhood, and we're bringing up old memories of toys we played with, books we read, etc. And you can only imagine the sense of nostalgia everyone in the class has. Someone says "Zoboomafoo" and half the class is going "I LOVED THAT SHOW" "I REMEMBER THAT" etc. I'm not complaining at all, the sense of nostalgia in the class is overwhelming. I love it.

Then I get home every day, and, remembering a conversation I had with a few friends during the summer, I'm trying to look up a certain Kerby song. After a while, my search leads me to this:

Exactly what I was looking for. "GRAEME YOUR A JEW, AND I AM A NAZI, BUT WE'RE BOTH WALKING TO MCDONALDS. YOU ARE WORKING THE TILL THERE CAUSE JEWS LIKE MONEY, WHEN YOU HOLD THE CASH THEN YOU FONDLE IT", and the rest of my childhood, dominated by Kirby, Mario, Sonic, Donkey Kong, Pokemon and Final Fantasy, and then my nostalgia skips forward in time to back when Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 forums were active. I'm talking about the Darkness GD, the greatest GD I can remember. God, that place was amazing. I'd always get home fast cause I wanted to see what the Aussies had posted the night before. It was amazing, and nothing on Neo has replaced it. It's been what, three years or so?

My nostalgia is unbearable. And just so any readers can interact, what kinds of nostalgia have I brought up for you?

(Also, for anyone who wants to know when the little song up above starts, it's during the part around 20 seconds in until 30 or so seconds in.)

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Apr 7, 10 3:20am

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Mar 16, 10 6:18am

Insanity Prevails won my Let's Play auction. This is his choice.

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Dec 11, 09 12:00am

To Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X, probably should have gone a bit higher :L)

Megaman X8 opening (Self-explanatory)

Jakob Elevator (Megaman X8)

Forest Maze (Super Mario RPG, Yesh!)

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Dec 10, 09 11:56pm

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8. Love the first three words in this. <3

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Dec 9, 09 2:55am

A Knight's Oath (Fire Emblem)

Cannonball (Megaman Zero 3)

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Dec 3, 09 1:08am

Supporting Me: Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle)

Bearer of Hope: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

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Nov 18, 09 12:34am

Life in the Mines

Stickerbrush Symphony

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Nov 14, 09 5:08am

There are some problems with this. Delay and choppy sounds, etc. Not much I can do about it.

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Nov 14, 09 5:06am

Dragon Roost Island (Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)

Beat the Angel (Tales of Symphonia)
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Oct 30, 09 3:07am

Ignore the annotations. Please. I don't know what I was thinking.

Link at the top center.

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Oct 7, 09 2:32am

Pollyanna (Earthbound Zero/Mother)

Comfort's Call (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn)

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Oct 4, 09 4:30am

At long last, I have become "The Guy". Then consequently get hit by an apple and my victory technically didn't count as a result.

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Oct 4, 09 4:27am

Throw it all Away

Bein' Friends.

The videos might take a while. The countdowns, anyway. I'm having trouble deciding on the order of songs.

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Sep 24, 09 12:06am

Zero and Necron. I liked them both, but they both had some pretty big problems. Final Battle had the smaller problems. But creepier.

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Sep 24, 09 12:03am

I can already hear the Guy's death scream. What a pleasurable sound.

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Sep 16, 09 12:56am

Next video and we enter the top 80 songs. Fire Emblem and Sonic offer songs 80 and 79.

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Sep 16, 09 12:53am

Next video, we hopefully head to The Guy's chambers. The end is in sight!

Also, I'll try and increase my voice and sound volume.

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Sep 11, 09 2:17am

If this video doesn't work, please let me know. Or any videos for that matter. Sometimes the videos refuse to completely load, so I have to cancel and it still gets uploaded somehow. Then I have to re-input the info, and they take time to fully process. Sometimes they never process.

Screw it, I'll go by whatever else has to be uploaded here.

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Sep 7, 09 5:26pm

Counting by twos in actuality because I missed a few videos and am now caught up.

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Sep 7, 09 5:19pm

Don't ask where the titles came from.

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Aug 25, 09 8:46am

I'm making a countdown of top 100 songs from video games. However, there are a lot of games I haven't played with great music. The music can be lively, catchy, eerie, or absolutely anything as long as it's great. Any submissions would be appreciated. You will be credited.

Thank you for your assistance (if anyone bothers to submit)


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Aug 22, 09 1:09am

Sadly enough, the title speaks the truth.

In case you didn't notice, these contain some level of suggestive language.

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Aug 19, 09 8:31pm

Two bosses, adventures to the sixth.

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Aug 17, 09 7:20pm

I just got around to playing this game again, and I have to say something about it.

Final Fantasy Tactics, the original. Let's face it, when you compare it to Square's other strategy games, like FFTA(2), Tactics beats them both out by the same size margin as the core of the Earth to the peak of the highest surface point.

Characters. Like in FFTA (I don't know about Grimoire of the rift since I haven't played it =/), you get about seven characters to start with. Each character is human. If you've played Tactics Advance, but not Tactics, you're probably thinking "Wow, that's not a lot of jobs to use!" You are completely wrong. It's barely an exaggeration to say that the jobs that can be used in Tactics are higher in number than in Tactics Advance. Archers, Knights, Wizards, Priests, Lancers, Thieves, Monks, Samurais. A lot of those jobs were specific to a race in Tactics Advance. Now, anyone can use them.

In TacticsA, you learn abilities through weapons. In Tactics, you learn them through Job Points, gained everytime you use an action. After the battle(s), on the main map, you can use the JP you earned to buy skills. These involve having the license (yes, like Final Fantasy XII, only better) to use Potions, Hi-Potions, Phoenix Downs, or even battle skills like Dash or Throw Stone. Once a job gains every possible ability, that job is mastered, and no more JP can be gained for it. It takes plenty of battles to master a job, and there's about 20+ jobs (estimation from full job selection screen) available.

Tactics has guest characters, although you're usually limited to having one or two in the battle. These cut down the units YOU are allowed to involve. If you have two guest units, you have your main character (defaultly named Ramza), and three characters, for a total of six characters. In optional battles, where Guests aren't involved, you can bring out four units, for a five-on-4-to-6 characters.

Unlike in TacticsA, you can even recruit monsters. A class called a Mediator can talk to enemies and have them join your side. It only works on enemies in optional battles though. This means you can recruit Chocobos, which can heal and increase a units' movement range if they ride on it.

Magic spells are much better in this game than they were in TacticsA. This time, it costs time to use a spell, or even charge an attack. The amount of time required varies. It can take 20 turns to cast a Flare spell one turn, and next turn it could be used instantly. The area the spell can affect can be either following the enemy (get your units out of his adjacent panels) or just on a piece of land, which enemy units will avoid completely. Choosing an attack carefully makes this game all the more interesting. One wrong spell and your units could be dead, with the enemies hot on your heels. Be careful, as there is no retreat function. Fight with your brain, or die by stupidity.

My favourite part of this game: Height. The abilities Dash and Throw Stone have a high chance of pushing enemies (and allies) by one space. They usually do very little damage too. Enemy Archers are usually placed on high cliffs. If you can get one to the edge of the cliff, you can push them off. This causes high damage. If it's a cliff like in Dorter Trade City, which is at about 14 height (A guess), you can be assured of an instant death. Enemies usually will attack, but not push your archers on cliffs. Being on a high point in the area increases your Archer's attack range. If you're in Deep Dungeon first floor, at the cliff on top, you can target almost the entire area, possibly even the whole area. This makes Archers on high grounds formidible, yet fragile. Guard your Archers near cliffs. One critical hit can push your archer to his death.

Final Fantasy Tactics is easily my favourite PS1 game, beating out Final Fantasy 7 and 9 by a large margin. Even though it's years old, it never gets boring. Changing jobs and killing enemies constantly to master a job has it's perks.

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Aug 9, 09 11:58pm

There ya go Flippy. Are you satisfied?

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Jul 25, 09 4:58am

So some moron is spamming on my videos. He knows who he is and what he's doing, so it makes him all the more of an idiot.

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Jul 23, 09 3:14am

I was off recording I Wanna be the guy, which shall be posted at the end of this post. I have little to no memory of it. So I fought Mike Tyson, I remembered how to beat him, right? Right. So, I go back and save, and die for the hell of it. Guess what? I have to fight the *bleep*ing baka all over again. Oh yeah, it was easier, but I could have gotten past whatever the *bleep* came next. Noooo, I had to be a smug, cocky little ass and end up fighting the buck-tooth, beaver-faced bastard with boxing gloves the size of minivans.

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Jun 10, 09 5:59am

I'd recorded a decent Earthbound video. Some screaming, a bit of swearing, and laughing like an insane man. Great, huh? It would have been *bleep*ing better if Camstudio didn't *bleep*ing glitch up and corrupt the .AVI!


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Jun 3, 09 4:21am

OK, so there's four things I'm pretty much going to talk about to the people who will bother to read.

1. I'm reading Angels and Demons, from Dan Brown. Great book. I never read the Da Vinci Code, but the book is fantastic. Recommended.

2. I'm catching up to the latest episodes of Bleach finally. Fake Karakura Town arc.

3. I'm starting to Brawl naturally with the Gamecube controller. I've been using the Wiimote and Nunchuk for a while, but now the Gamecube Controller is getting easier now that I'm used to it.

And the last, and most important.

Once I've finished my Earthbound run on Youtube, I'll be starting Donkey Kong Country 3. When that time comes, from then on, I'll be using this blog as a 20/80 for rants and videos respectively. It'll mostly be videos on my walkthroughs (finally, I got commentary =D) so I'll use this blog just to post the videos for the hell of it.

Expect a lot of swearing. Of course, the videos will be scarce because I can't swear when anyone's in the house =/. If nothing bad happens, then I won't be swearing, but I'll probably point out the flaws in the games I record.

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May 30, 09 5:07am

Sonic and the Secret Rings/Black Knight have some decent songs. I haven't gotten the games yet, but two of the songs I've heard a lot are sticking in my head.

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May 23, 09 4:35am

I've restarted facing random people in Super Smash Bros Brawl. With my internet and Wifi completely set up, I still get some lag, but it helps sometimes.

I mostly fight under the name "Soren" and as a black Sonic. Try and find me.

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May 14, 09 9:11pm

Today's the day I turn 14 =D

I've been waiting to turn 14 for a while, especially since now I can get a job.

My family is coming to visit me Sunday (The family I know anyway), so it's going to be great.

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May 7, 09 2:59am

Today, I found a stack of cards next a picture of Gambit from the X-men. It's a stack of playing cards, 54, Jokers included. So I look up his name on Wikipedia, and I find a link to Card-throwing. Ok. What do I do? Check it out of course. What does it get me hooked on? Guess.

I spent about three hours practicing card-throwing (half of which I spent trying to find a decent throw). So yeah, I've spent some time card-throwing, and I'll probably continue, so bleh.

Oh, and my birthday is in eight days =D

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Apr 28, 09 3:52am

I'm confused.

I have no idea what I want for my birthday, which is coming up in about three weeks. I have it basically narrowed down to four choices:

1. A new laptop (More neo-time and contributing)
2. A wii (My old one broke)
3. A PS3 (Well, this one I could live without)
4. A drum set (My old one is garbage. The new one will be much better)

I've had an urge for drumming and emulation for the drums and laptop respectively, but I still have no idea what I'd like >_<

I'm going to bother asking: Opinions?

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Apr 26, 09 7:38pm

I've been working on walkthroughs for a while. I've been doing a few games: Earthbound, Donkey Kong Country, Megaman X3 (cancelled) and Final Fantays I (also cancelled). I've finished one of them finally, and am working on uploading the last part. Donkey Kong Country, I just finished. Every advancement in progress recorded.

I started this a few weeks ago. I finished today, a few minutes ago. Now that I'm done the game, I'll probably write a user review on it.

So I finished the game, and I'll be working on the Earthbound.

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Apr 12, 09 5:47am

I just got this Mother 3 song stuck in my head:

I find it very catchy, and I have a ton of spots I want to use it in in my Earthbound LP.

I love the uses it has in the game, and exactly how it sounds. Especially with the trumpets around the middle of it.

Any music you've had stuck in your head?

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Apr 7, 09 10:01pm

Basically, I'm not thinking and acting the way I used to. I'm feeling like there's no point to most things.


It basically started when I replayed Final Fantasy X. I'd gotten to the part where Rikku says "Memories are nice, but that's all they are". That was basically the catalyst for it all. A while after that, I was playing Mother 3. I'd gotten to Tanetane Island, and my mood didn't improve. An illusion of Claus had said "Everyone's waiting... Everyone's waiting to throw rockss at you, to spit on you, and to make your life hell. Who's everyone? Everyone you love". That didn't help either. Hours after, I went to bed, and like most nights, listened to music. The quotes from Rikku and Claus were stuck in my mind, and the song "Goodbye" from SR-71 basically set it all up. "You think you've seen the world but you've seen nothing". This really made me think. After that, a lot of things that seem pointless basically popped into my head. It's been going like that for a few days now.

tl;dr: Pointless thoughts are in my head and it's changing the way I think and feel.

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Mar 31, 09 1:38am

And ran into a few problems:

1. My video camera has terrible quality now. It was so clear before, now it's just bleh.
2. The CD I recorded them on refuses to delete the unnecessary videos. As a result, I've had to switch the CD with a blank and hope no one notices. My family actually forbade me from getting an account.

So basically, there's a few choices:

1. Save up the $20 I get for a week for my own camcorder.
2. Try and use my sister's computer for recording them, via Regular Old Men (Karis' idea).
3. Record on my phone, which has about the same quality as my camcorder.

What would YOU do?

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Mar 23, 09 9:55pm

The Mother Wiki! It's still being talked about, If I read Deathsythe's post correctly, but there's still a chance that the Mother wiki can be implemented! =D

As it turns out, originally it was going to be part of the Wikiguide, but if things go well, it might become a full wiki. The Mother games are usually full of content: Characters, enemies, locations and so on. There are three games in the series: Mother/Earthbound Zero, Mother 2/Earthbound (the only of the games released outside Japan) and Mother 3/Earthbound 2. Each game is available for different systems, though they are all accessible for the GBA through importing or illegal means.

The good thing though, is that even though the games are made in Japan, there are Fan patches for Mother 1 and Mother 3. Both are apparently accurate, and allow anyone who wishes to play the games to do so in their language (Mine, is English, so it turns out well). Earthbound has no patch, since that game was released in other countries, so there's really no need.

So if everything goes well, I, alongside others such as Karis or Flippy can contribute to a wiki for a game we love =D

I would encourage anyone to try Mother 3. In my opinion, it's one of, if not, the best game made for the GBA.

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Mar 21, 09 1:46am

The Mother 3 forum is being incredible lately. It's already one of the top forums in the GBA stats. The game is only accessible through importing, but through, unfortunately, illegal means, it's possible to get this game. As such, having gotten this game through convincing by Flippy, I've basically started worshiping this game.

Mother 3 is an RPG made in Japan only. It is the sequel to Earthbound/Mother 2. It was previously supposed to be released on the N64, but it was canceled, and the game was also considered extremely dark for the audience it was named after.

If you've played Mother 3, or you wish to play Mother 3, PM me. In fact, if you've played any Mother game, PM me, please. I would like for a Mother Neowiki to be set up, but we need players who can help make it. If you like this idea of a Mother 3 wiki being created, please contact me.
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Mar 13, 09 11:14pm

So my sister is currently upstairs with her friends at this current moment and...

They are pissing the hell out of me.

They're screaming, running, laughing like hell and it's driving me insane. I had to put loudass music just to drown out the noise.

So what sort of problems have you had with your siblings? Has there ever been a time you basically wanted to tie them down and cover their mouth in duck tape?

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Mar 11, 09 2:13am

I have done something my lazy arse would never have done before: I actually started doing User Reviews.

I completed a Megaman X8 review, and am slowly moving on to other games. I've had time to rant about games before, but this time, people may or may not look to it towards helping them buy that game. I get to rant, and support Neo! Double win! :thick:

Anyway, yeah. So I'll be doing major reviewing later (as soon as I replay the games I want to review), so... yeah. I'll probably be doing Tales of Symphonia next, as I'm playing that. Or maybe Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. I don't know. I'd have a lot to say about both.

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Mar 5, 09 5:18am

Ohoho, now I have my revenge.

So here's how it started: Flippy showed me a mother 3 riddle he came up with (which spoiled part of the ending, basically) so I decided to counter with a riddle of my own. If you play Mother 3, then take a crack at this.

1000 years have passed, and only 7 remain.

Those seven were not set. Perhaps an endless number, perhaps not.

However, once there were eight.

A hidden eighth, one that was forgotten, and eventually, replaced.

An eighth ally? No, there were seven. There were six. There was once six.

A time for dying? Yet that one remains, always by your side.

Odd personality, impatience. Never cried, always strong. When the world ends, emotions fly.

No feelings, unlike the others.

Can you find the eighth? Eight has always been beside you. No time. Not now. Those buried have no relation.

Enjoy =D

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Feb 27, 09 2:47am

Erm, ignore the title, although it does reflect my feelings.

Short story: Karis and Flippy both spoiled the ending of Mother 3, a game I've recently become addicted to. Karis basically revealed the ending and plot twist at the end, and Flippy revealed the true identity of the final Magypsie.

So I'm essentially annoyed like you have no idea. I don't even want to finish the game because I basically know what's going to happen.

Thanks so much, the both of you ¬_¬

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Feb 26, 09 4:12am

Now I love watching the dubs of anime. I like not having to watch when they're only talking, but being able to understand. Subs, however, I have to watch the whole thing since it's in Japanese or some other language. My days of watching dubbed Bleach on Youtube have ended. The episodes in dubbed started becoming nonexistent. Even if they have, I've watched too much Sub lately, and they didn't have a few episodes in dub and good quality, where for me, the latter is a must.

Anyway, so I've been watching Bleach now, and I've gotten to the Kariya vs Ichigo fight, final fight.

Spoilers ahead, do not look if you aren't here yet!

So now a few people, namely Dragon Warrior1 and Chad have gotten me wanting to watch two other animes: .hack// and Code Geass. They seemed interesting to me, and I'm rather looking forward to watching them, but I'm not exactly sure which to start with. I'd only like to be watching two animes at time, as that's what I did with Death Note and Bleach. I can't stop watching Bleach until I get to some boring crap, so I'll stick with that and watch something else.

Now, if you can be assed to give your opinion, anime watchers, type now and give me your thoughts on which I should watch first!

Cero blogged
Feb 22, 09 9:27pm

I don't care if I'm a day early, by my own calculations, as off as they might be, I'm free. Back to blogging about my rants and shit. No more spouting lies about Duker Nuker, and I kicked it off with a new HX theme. The banner credit goes to Photobucket ;D

So, that's about it.

Cero blogged
Jan 27, 09 3:43am

Long story short: Gift and a curse.

Long story long: Neo Raffle, I encountered many...enraging moments.

Foremost among them, I won one of Loki's DS games, but due to a now unreliable source of information, I couldn't accept the game, as I don't live in the Continental U.S. ¬¬

Next, I didn't have enough points to secure Samus as a slave. God.

Then, Duker Nuker (wtfh that means) forced me to use this sig and CT. Haven't recieved a response as to a...
suggestive avatar. Not sure if r*tard (no asterisk, an e instead) is allowed on an avvy, considering it's censored anyway.

And last, I have to give Dan (Wondermailer) a personal secret of his choice (plenty of room for failure there ;D) and I have to worship Miguel (Kid Icarus) until February Ninth. Doom.

On the plus side, I got Jasmine (Jazz. I figured out her real name via hunch and previous experience with the name) as a slave, and I may have her using Norbit pictures in her sig. Then again, the animated Hybrid Banner is a nice one, especially since she has a Neo-boyfriend ;D

Fun fun fun.

More shit than fun.


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Jan 20, 09 4:59am

We watched a Shakespeare parody in school today. And I've never heard, or seen, any play of Shakespeare, so my first though was "Why the *bleep* are so many people dying?!" I see one part. "04 N035 MA W1F3 C43A73D 0N M3 1 741NK 1LL K33L 43R!" (Oh noes, ma wife cheated on me, I think I'll kill her!)

What the heck were these people thinking? "You killed me father, I will kill you!" wtf?! Did they let people kill others with no consequnces?! No laws?! wtf?! Were these people high when laws were made? Were there even laws?!

...I think someone had a couple puffs when that someone wrote the script.

Cero blogged
Jan 15, 09 12:04am

Things surely didn't turn out as I expected. My family is still a bit shaky, but my mother and sister are talking again, and that's enough for me. Rebirth. Nothing more. I'm glad to be back, and I hope nothing else happens in my life that will force me to leave again. The only thing I can do, should something like that happen, is to repeat the past, and hope the entirety is repeated as well.

Cero blogged
Jan 13, 09 5:55am

Simple. I have to leave. Something has happened in my life, and if you want to find out, click the banner I currently have. It will explain. But for now, I have to do something. I refuse to sit on my ass and watch as my family tears apart, piece-by-piece. This will be my last blog post until everything goes well. If I can remember, and if I am able to return, then this blog will signal my rebirth. This is my end. I have chosen to take this path, but there was only one path to take. Good-Bye.


Cero blogged
Jan 10, 09 8:07am

There's nothing else I can say. It's incredible how low the amount of sympathy is in the Explorers of Darkness GD. I've clearly expressed my distaste for those horrid "nickname", although they deserve no such name, and there are a chosen few who I've no problem with, and they know who they are. For that, I'm grateful. The rest, and the majority, however, are slowly igniting a spark of anger inside me. It's incredible just how far they will go. When I can't go any deeper, they throw me a shovel. When I'm at the edge, they push me off and watch me fall. And that's what is happening. I'm not usually quick to anger, save for certain occasions, but these...pests, for lack of a noncensored word, are just pushing me farther and farther, waiting for the final step off that steep edge, and eagerly await the arrival of the clearing of the trees, of the blood seeping slowly into the dirt below. It's pitiful. Absolutely pitiful. If they read this, I've expressed my distaste, and I hope you will stop. If not, then there's nothing I can do about it. The only thing I can do is leave. Enjoy.

signature neoseeker related
Cero blogged
Jan 10, 09 5:55am

Ah yes, the age old struggle: Where can I find a good quality picture for a graphic? I've, again, gone through this dilemma, and I still am. Know why? Because this *bleep*ing stuttering, egotistical, blue-eyed, armored, shootes balls of fire while laughing and hiccuping like a hippo after drinking a gallon of soap *bleep*ed up in the brain he doesn't have Copy X!

Where the *bleep* am I supposed to find a clear, good quality picture that I can resize to fit on a banner? If at least the head had good quality, that would be great, but NOOOO, that *bleep*ing little two-faced, sheepbiter, piss face hound with a gun the size of his *bleep*ing foot that goes up his egotistical ass while shooting that bullet the size of his head down his *bleep*ing throat!

If you happen to find a good quality picture of Copy X, with a clear background, even on transparency, I will worship you.
Cero blogged
Jan 5, 09 6:07am

Oh the joy I am feeling right now...

Winter Vacation is over, School starts in exactly 11 hours as I am typing that, it is constantly changing. It was 11 hours when I type that, and I won't change it for exact time, so bleh.

So of course, my first thought is "*bleep*", then it's "Shit". It basically continues like that for a while, considering that there's this teacher at school that can rot in the fiery pits of hell while getting a pitchfork stabbed through her eyes. The only comfort is that I'll get to see my friends, but they're not even in the same class as me, so it doesn't really comfort me much...

So, there probably won't be much for me to blog about, save for complaining about the homework and shit like that.
Cero blogged
Dec 29, 08 8:55am

I'm getting extremely pissed off at the moment. Today was one of the worst days. I spent hours watching Bleach out of pure boredom, and when I log on, a certain member ends up being a total *bleep* making no bloody sense and sounding like a drunk hippie who smoked a cauldron full of weed. Then two other members start doing that, and it's getting extremely irritating. It's clear I want them to stop, and yet they continue. I spent hours doing god-knows-what out of boredom, and when people get online, I think "Oh, great, this'll liven up my mood, right?" Guess what? I WAS *bleep*ING WRONG! Things have been getting worse, and there are people trying to help me, I thank them for that, but for the most part, I've been getting irritated of late, and I just want most, if not, all of them to back off. Is that so much to ask? Are these people that incompetent that they can't understand that I need my time? Jesus, now I remember why I've hated and distrusted so many others.

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Dec 25, 08 11:55pm

OK, I have temporary internet access, and let me say this: OH MY DEAR *bleep*ING GOD! I've been at my Grandma's for one day now, checking a couple of my favourite threads via my Cell Phone (which is being a bitch by not letting me sign in.) and I haven't been able to post unless I get sort of lucky with my mom's iTouch, which will only let me log in as my Alternate Account "Azure". I've been doing shit: Playing I Wanna Be The Guy, Syobon Action, my DS and reading Eragon (one of my christmas presents, along with Eldest. I now have the full trilogy, save for the Cycle-finisher =D) and I AM *bleep*ING BORED OUT OF MY GOD DAMN *bleep*ING MIND!!!!

I can't wait till I get full internet access.

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Dec 23, 08 6:42pm

OK, this is getting tiring. Let me just say this: I enjoy playing Mega Man. Like it? Good. Don't? I don't care. It's getting exhausting with people telling me "Megaman sucks, anyone who plays it is a fag lololol!" Guess what? I don't give a *bleep*ing care! Call me a fag, I don't care. Flame me, fill up my inbox with pointless arguing, I don't care. I see nothing wrong with it, I enjoy the series, so do me a favor and piss off.

On a lighter note, I won't be around probably tomorrow, Christmas, or Boxing day (Canada terms, of course), for the reason that I will be visiting relatives. I just want to say Merry Christmas to the following people:

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Dec 21, 08 9:50am

Such a nice title, isn't it?

Ah, so basically, there wasn't much I could talk about today. I got some Mega Man X7 lag, Mega Man X8's Lumine kills me with Paradise Lost, since Axl is weak as hell...bleh.

So, on Christmas Eve, we're heading to Toronto to visit my Grandma and brother. You can only imagine my joy. My brother's as nice as a squirrel who just got called a rat, and I can't understand one bloody word my grandma says. She doesn't even have a computer, so I won't even be able to log on to Neo. So yeah, Stratford is a frozen wasteland, there's snow so high I can't even look over it, and that's just beside my driveway. I swear there's snow piles that could bury the local mall. So yeah, we'll be driving through frozen hell, and I'm half-expecting to die.


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Cero blogged
Dec 20, 08 6:41am

OK, so today, we had a party at my house, it was for my sister. I was thinking (we're so frickin close to Christmas, no one will show up, right?) Well guess what? I was right! No one showed up, and my house was sadder than all those Twilight obsessers (no offense ;D) So, it was a bad party, and yeah, we were being pretty emo about it. It was supposed to be a surprise party for my sister and her two friends, but we ended up wasting forty frickin bucks on the second cake, while the first one looks like a mini wedding cake. So yeah, it was kinda sad, and... now a couple of my friends are playing Rockband and are being pretty epic about it XD Did you know that if you put the mike to the TV, it'll get you good marks? XD

And now, I'll quote Serebii's creator:

Until next time, see ya!

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Dec 19, 08 4:15am

OK, today was my last day of school, so woo. And the fun I had was incredible...Screaming in class, sneaking out of class to talk to friends, all that shit, it was a pretty good last day.

So today, I decided to start updating the Mega Man Wiki as best as I could, something which can prove difficult, considering my basic knowledge of Mark-Up. I've done the best I could with a couple pages. Adding, editing, creating...yeah. I had to make the Lumine and Harpuia page, both of which could still use work, but...yeah, I did what I could, and I'm not even close to done with the latter.

And, today is my Bleach day, a day where I watch as much Bleach as possible (one day per week ;D). I've been watching episodes for...a couple days total, and I'm on episode 61, which is getting pretty epic XD

So uh...yeah. My game still hates me, crashing multiple times without warning, and...less screaming, woo.

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Cero blogged
Dec 18, 08 7:00am

OK, so I have basically come to the conclusion that my computer, and my life hate me. I was playing a game known as I Wanna Be The Guy, and my computer gave me hell. I've found out that there's a reason it's called very hard mode.

So yeah, other crap happened, stuff that made me consider that I may or may not have tourettes.

I woke up, and I got to stay home since my school was going tubing, and I didn't want to go. I log on to Neo, find many of my favourite threads with nothing new on them, and my most commonly visited had nothing to latch onto. Naturally, I close Neo and say "Screw it". I look in the fridge, the orange juice is gone. WHAT THE HELL?! I made that juice yesterday night, and I slept for 10 hours, 5 of which no one is even awake. Then I went to a friend, and his cat jumped onto my sack, which hurt like hell. I seriously wanted to strangle that kitty cat. I go home, find some food, and go relax with Mega Man X8...right? Well, guess what? NO! LUMINE HATES ME! TECHNOLOGY HATES MEEEEE! ;.;

At least I can take comfort in the fact that tomorrow will be my last day of school. My friends will probably say "Soren, we have school on Friday numbnuts!" and I appropriatly respond with a kick to their sack.

If you've taken the time to read this, (pfft) thank you, and if you liked it, yayz.

So...yeah, that was my day. I hope you enjoy and all that nonsense.