Cero blogged
Dec 20, 08 6:41am

Holy crap I was right o_o

OK, so today, we had a party at my house, it was for my sister. I was thinking (we're so frickin close to Christmas, no one will show up, right?) Well guess what? I was right! No one showed up, and my house was sadder than all those Twilight obsessers (no offense ;D) So, it was a bad party, and yeah, we were being pretty emo about it. It was supposed to be a surprise party for my sister and her two friends, but we ended up wasting forty frickin bucks on the second cake, while the first one looks like a mini wedding cake. So yeah, it was kinda sad, and... now a couple of my friends are playing Rockband and are being pretty epic about it XD Did you know that if you put the mike to the TV, it'll get you good marks? XD

And now, I'll quote Serebii's creator:

Until next time, see ya!


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WonderMailer Dec 19, 08
Awww... That always sucks... Send my "sorry" to your sister...
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Cero Dec 19, 08
I'll consider telling her, but I probably will XD
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KICKERTW69 Dec 20, 08
so sad *sniffle*

also the mic thing is cool. me and my friend kenny did this and it sounds weird though but works