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Oct 21, 10 6:51am

Grand sense of Nostalgia

Ho boy, haven't updated this behemoth in light years. So here we go.

So it all started during French class. The unit is childhood, and we're bringing up old memories of toys we played with, books we read, etc. And you can only imagine the sense of nostalgia everyone in the class has. Someone says "Zoboomafoo" and half the class is going "I LOVED THAT SHOW" "I REMEMBER THAT" etc. I'm not complaining at all, the sense of nostalgia in the class is overwhelming. I love it.

Then I get home every day, and, remembering a conversation I had with a few friends during the summer, I'm trying to look up a certain Kerby song. After a while, my search leads me to this:

Exactly what I was looking for. "GRAEME YOUR A JEW, AND I AM A NAZI, BUT WE'RE BOTH WALKING TO MCDONALDS. YOU ARE WORKING THE TILL THERE CAUSE JEWS LIKE MONEY, WHEN YOU HOLD THE CASH THEN YOU FONDLE IT", and the rest of my childhood, dominated by Kirby, Mario, Sonic, Donkey Kong, Pokemon and Final Fantasy, and then my nostalgia skips forward in time to back when Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 forums were active. I'm talking about the Darkness GD, the greatest GD I can remember. God, that place was amazing. I'd always get home fast cause I wanted to see what the Aussies had posted the night before. It was amazing, and nothing on Neo has replaced it. It's been what, three years or so?

My nostalgia is unbearable. And just so any readers can interact, what kinds of nostalgia have I brought up for you?

(Also, for anyone who wants to know when the little song up above starts, it's during the part around 20 seconds in until 30 or so seconds in.)

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Fawful Dec 13, 10
What nostalgia have you brought up for me? Goddamn, your lament of the loss in PMD2 forums does not go alone. Those were the golden ages of this Seeker, yesiree.