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Aug 25, 09 8:46am


I'm making a countdown of top 100 songs from video games. However, there are a lot of games I haven't played with great music. The music can be lively, catchy, eerie, or absolutely anything as long as it's great. Any submissions would be appreciated. You will be credited.

Thank you for your assistance (if anyone bothers to submit)



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Mcilrath Aug 25, 09
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Paper Fox Aug 25, 09
Katamari On The Swing by Shigeru Matsuzaki (I think). Theme to We Love Katamari and it's bloody fantastic.
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Kid Icarus Sep 6, 09
You know what? I don't feel alone anymore.

Take it Cero. Take it now.
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Audioslave Aug 25, 09
Let The Speed Mend It

This song's badass. Sure Sonic's games suck but this song is amazing. Creates a wicked Desert theme and on top of that, great drumming and not too annoying lyrics either.

The Seal Is Broken

Listen to the whole thing. This was composed by Nobuo Uematsu himself and when you face the final boss you get the feeling of "Holy shit" this was my favourite piece of music EVER. From the orchestral singers to the amazing build up this was the ultimate music. LISTEN TO ALL OF IT. You're missing out. Trust me man this will make you soil yourself it's that good.