Cerebral Assassin
May 9, 15 12:30pm
14 years of 'seeking today, where has that time gone?
Cerebral Assassin
Apr 30, 15 6:24am
Really love working nights, now gotta wait til the end of May to be in my new place.
Cerebral Assassin
Apr 12, 15 4:02pm
Guess working nights where I'll be living for awhile with the new promotion. Less than a week til I start it.
Cerebral Assassin
Apr 3, 15 9:15pm
Was recently promoted and it looks like my next one is coming around the corner. I won't complain!
Cerebral Assassin
Jan 1, 15 12:48pm
It's been another year and Tiffany/Dynamite still fails, what more do you expect.
Cerebral Assassin
Jan 14, 14 4:15am
Another year and Dynamite continues to fail in everything they do...
Cerebral Assassin
Aug 10, 13 5:32pm
I'm finally home, it feels nice to see American soil again.
Cerebral Assassin
Feb 4, 13 2:35pm
Tiffany is just lame, there is nothing else to say.
Cerebral Assassin
Nov 7, 12 9:30pm
Engaged, but also in Afghanistan. Trying to stay positive :)
Cerebral Assassin
Apr 20, 12 6:42pm
Waiting for life to look up
Cerebral Assassin
May 17, 11 8:23am
Just another day in the life of a US Soldier
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Apr 25, 11 3:48am


The first gameplay footage for Phantasy Star Online 2 has been revealed and it's already looking far more...

Cerebral Assassin blogged
Oct 25, 10 1:09am

So I haven't ever posted in this blog, so this will be my first post. I'm not sure how many of you knew, but I enlisted into the US Army last October. I went through basic earlier this year and have been training at AIT over the last few months. Well I'm set to graduate in 9 days and will be heading back to Iowa. I'm going to be home for the mandatory 14 days of leave, before they send me over to Korea. It's going to be a big change for me, seeing as I have never been overseas. I hope that the culture shock isn't too hard on me. I can't wait to meet some new people and continue growing as a person and a soldier. Well wish me the best of luck, because I'm sure I will need it.

Cerebral Assassin
May 15, 10 6:18am
Living the army life
Cerebral Assassin
Mar 13, 07 12:40pm
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