do this many people seriously hate themselves WHAT ARE YOU GOOD AT PEOPLE
If I have a daughter she has to be called Buffy. That's a deal breaker.
Where is your doggie avatar 8C
self advertising and what

Hey. Very simple one here but I leave tabs open a lot and a sound or small pop for notifications could be pretty handy. Obvio

new index is unghhhhhhhhhh
On that refreshing BBC iPlayer until the new Sherlock is uploaded swag
Just got around to the new Sherlock. So awesome.
"22. Peggle 2 You either Peggle or you don’t, I Peggle. It’s been out a day as of writing this and I spent all yesterday Peggling and it may have been the most constructive thing I did all year, even if I only won twice in the 30 or so online matches I was in. Flippin’ Peggle man. New powers, new boards, old Peggle. No local multiplayer, whaaaaaaaa."

30. Lego City UndercoverThe loading times are insane, you can hire a hooker and do the subsequent laundry before it’s loaded up. Hate Lego games, can’t stand them, enjoyed this a lot however, was probably the writing, Adam Buxton was involved. Lik...

Sitcoms are my favourite thing. After Doctor Who.
This might make sense to you guys especially. Or not.

By permanent I meant where the link is actually placed, it could be optional/N+ feature/or something (though I'd think it's best otherwise). It used to be next to my.neoforum at the top, not under it in a hover.I recently forgot the page even exi...

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