I am a child of the video games consumed much of my formative years...Now I've graduated to the PS2 and a pentuimIII. Eventually I hope to get an Xbox and see how the other half lives. Other things: Vassar Grad, PoliSci, currently working for a large soft drink company and writing the plots for a new online vid game slated for 2004.


I'm a writer, so I read a lot and play a lot of video games. Some of my favorite games include FF series (Tactics by far the best), Bushido Blade, WOTS, Darkcloud and Metal Gear. When I'm not sitting in front of my computer or PS2, I'm out walking NYC with the wife.


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Review: The Mark of Kri - Fua Toko Ratu!

May 30, 2003

Great graphics, good sound, and superb gameplay make MoK a solid game for anybody's PS2 library. The stealth kills alone provide endless amusement and the extras provide lots of opportunities to replay the game...especially the harder challenges...

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