It's a popular (maybe not so much these days) miconception that General Rild is, at most, more powerful than only Pure Bo

This is Vegeta with the rage boost he got in BoG after Beerus slapped Buruma. Assume he's either able to tap into his rag

This could potentially be some solid evidence for SSj2 only being a 2x multiplier. Is there anything in the manga that con

It's pretty commonly accepted that SSj3 Vegetto would be no match for Beerus but what about the Potara fusion of Goku and

OK I know most people here still think Gogeta is leaps and bounds ahead of Gotenks and that Boo was wrong because everything

Just something I thought of to debunk the Freeza > base Goku (BoG) crap. I think most people here would agree such a thing

I've heard many times on here that if a character is wrong all the time, then everything they say is wrong (ie: Gohan-Boo

Inspired by a discussion yesterday about how much battle powers determine who wins a fight. This is arguably the most skilled

Disclaimer: I don't actually believe Nappa is 4,000 or anywhere near that... I have him at 7,500 or so usually. I just no

I apologise if this is in the wrong section... I honestly have no idea where I'm supposed to go about this. ): About 2

What numbers does everybody have for Gero and #19 Pre and Post absorptions? Is 19 Pre still > SSj Trunks even though Ve

Ok this thread follows the following GT Perfect Files statement: --Quote-- Super Saiyan 4 The form which draws out the ba

Just a crackpot theory that's been banging around in my head for a while. Still not sure if this makes any sense whatsoev

Whis vs. Majin Boo from Dragon Ball Multiverse's Universe 4. For anyone who isn't familiar with DBM, this version

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