My mum loves me. I love her. She is my rock. If she died one day Idk if I could live with myself. But like every family membe

Booked my trip to Japan!!! :)
I want a super smash Bros NA code

Y'all told me to buy a new 3DS when I lost my old one. So I did , some of you said Nintendo wouldn't release a new on

I posted this as a joke on my facebook status. I'll just leave this here...

Hey. Wondering what you all have learned are good ways to save money, simple tips to share.. Eg use coupons at stores, don

Following what you wanna do in life is not easy, and of course no one ever said this would be a walk in the park, although...

I'm really scared at the moment. Basically there is a music festival up in Canada at the moment called Pemberton Music Fe

I hate to ask and this may sound stupid and random, but say you were taking a drivers test to get your license and as you wer

Have any siblings? How many, What are the different age ranges, etc etc. I have an older brother who is coming to visit fr

It's nice to hear an apology from you.

To my fellow Canadians who are also in the minority on this website Lol. What's everyones plans today? - Canadian or n

Yes, the ultimate question.. I can do both. I learned when I was younger. I can't do that super loud whistle with m

Has this idea ever occurred to you? Happened to you? This whole idea basically sums my life up. Although I was seeing t

Obviously not a canon Zelda game, just a spinoff.. But what do you guys all think of the game especially with more info annou

Goin' through a mega need my 3DS withdrawal still... I think the feeling is just longing for something I once had, not that I'd actually use

This game is mod approved if anyone is interested in giving it a forum based try. The game is called

Have a crazy traffic story, or bad driving experience? Failed your drivers test? Share. I don't recall seeing anyth

In the new world of chat (sms, mms), social media (facebook, twitter), video calling (skype, facetime) I ended up mailing

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