But i have no friends anymore. lmfao. do u guys wanna come?

I have a HUGE... Exam this coming sunday. I have to be licensed by the government. It's costed me about $3000+ all throug

So after a couple weeks of hassle I finally managed to cut my iPhone 6 contract and activate my little flip phone. I didn&

Just tell me a random fact or a few about your life today. I'm bored af and feel like making a random topic. - 3 mo

Okay. My mum for almost 2 years has kept pushing me to buy a home and then rent it out (As I live with them still and she

:( lost my wallet with basically my life in it... I think from two nights ago and only noticed last night... I'm looki

I don't get why people who are in relationships with people constantly ask me for advice or vent to me about what's g

Hey. I'm doing my best to keep going. I'm not depressed by any means, but I'm alone all the time. There's

Hey. Sooo. When i was born my real dad I guess wanted nothing to do with me. Papers were signed, mum and him went to court

My mums mum (My nana) , married or was partnered with a guy. Who then gave birth to my mum. She re-married to my mums dad now

lOL. Jokes aside with that horribly written title but for real. I hardly drink. Last night was one of those nights I got m

Dear Neoseeker I'm on the Pursuit of Happiness. All my life I've been living a lie and doing what my parents e

1) I'm so indecisive. I can never figure out what the heck I want to do with my life. Mainly because of reason 2)

Hi everyone. On Thursday evening I went on my very first date ever and I honestly believe(d) it was a success on both ends

Do you feel you should tell someone you like them? (Assuming that you are at least acquaintances) In the past whenever

Any one have knowledge of what would be better? I've never had a windows device since the XP/Vista days... I'm fam

"The process of freezing and storing the body of a diseased, recently deceased person to prevent tissue decomposition so

I don't know how to describe my fear. But for some reason it scares me. I don't know if the different ones are rea

I like the small focus I'm seeing on this forum about peoples dreams, passions and goals in different threads. I wante

... It's nearing 2:30 am here.. 20 ish more days until I finally go home for a couple weeks. Been up here for way too

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