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Nov 8, 09 8:03am
says: "Music is my hot, hot sex."
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Jul 30, 09 4:25pm
hates the new profiles.
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Jun 29, 09 11:42pm

Quotes of Michael


Quotes of Austin

       Ziggy     Wonderboy     says (8:21 PM):
*shit it's already getting to that point
*I tell my parents I need new boxers even though mine aren't uncomfortable on the stomach and I can't get the balls to say

Quotes of orez

Jailer Man says (9:07 PM):
*What a lowlife piece of shit pond-scumfrog turd
ραпdellα (26) says (9:07 PM):
Jailer Man says (9:07 PM):
*And I say this with all the love in my heart
ραпdellα (26) says (9:07 PM):
*that's going in my profile
*that made me lol
Jailer Man says (9:08 PM):
*I feel special
*And not like HURRRRR special
Jailer Man says (9:09 PM):
*Like I got a golden toilet special
ραпdellα (26) says (9:09 PM):

Quotes of Tori

» Sailor Sam says (8:06 PM):
*you guys can ship in to if you want i dun mind =3

Quotes of Burnett

ραпdellα    (23) says (6:44 PM):
*I've got
☮вυгиϵтт says (6:44 PM):
*four zeros between the commas
**bleep*ing hardcore
           ραпdellα    (23) says (6:45 PM):

☮вυгиϵтт says (7:02 PM):

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Jun 28, 09 5:10am

Almost 26 days now until the PEDAL TO THE METAL TOUR. First concert that my dad and I are going to but I'm not going on a lame trip; Rebecca and Brent are coming too. But it feels so *bleep*ing far away. Basically I'm seeing; Mudvayne, Black Label Society, Dope, Hellzapoppin, Bury Your Dead, and Static-X.


WOO. So I'm on my short as hell summer break. Got to July 4th until I'm all out working, getting ready to move. After I move who knows what'll be happening. Not to mention turning 17 in a few months(so close to being an adult it SCARES me).

But I've got the best news I feel like I'm getting
DUMBER by the week but OH WELL.

music other
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Jun 13, 09 5:13am

K, so long story but my kitty Tarzan ate some string, which got somehow tied around his tongue when he was eating it, and had to have surgery to remove it from his belly. THAT'S THE BASE OF IT. 3 long days he was trapped in my room(wouldn't let me SLEEP), and now that he finally can come out what do my two other *bleep*ing moron cats do? HISS IN HIS FACE. On the side note, his belly is fuzzy as well as a patch on his side, neck, and leg because they shaved him there. BUT YEAH. And he still won't drink which is a BITCH.


physics other
CardCaptor Sakura blogged
May 17, 09 12:29am

Everyone who finds him and his pink shirt awesome use him as your avatarrrr.


CardCaptor Sakura
Knightmare Chaotix

CardCaptor Sakura blogged
May 1, 09 12:17am

K, so. Starting all the way from in real life and my obsession with platypi, my in real life friends and I have started a little group. They said it's kay to recrewt internet pals that we know.(Though only 'net people will talk here.)

Platypi pals memberzzz;

Starburst(Jeny, was originally my name but she fits it better.)
Patsy(Justin, named the mutt myself since he couldn't think of a name.)
Tormented Trauma(R3B3L, first e-member since his first name is weird.)
Jesoos(Knightmare Chaotix, second e-member.)
Ziggy Wonderboy(The Lost Soul, sup.)
Torilini(Mouschi_Chan, Haibby.)
Rainborez(orez, soup?)
Mr. Fabulous(Black Zepplin/Tim, awesome user name GOGOGO.)

Waiting to ask;

YEAH. Emembers post here. c:
CardCaptor Sakura blogged
Apr 27, 09 9:13pm

Seriously she pisses me the hell off. "Your dad and you couldn't live without me." Hell, I'd be better off WITHOUT her. She's a *bleep*ing arrogant slut who needs to die and awihdsopkl I want to be 18 so I can just get the *bleep* away from her. >> She's all flipping out because we're moving in July-august and that there's not enough time, yet she sits on her ass 24/7. I don't want to move, but course since she wants something she'll get it. She literally screamed her head off at me for not having a rubber band for my braces on, and I told her I was nomming an apple but NOOOOOO. Bitch found something to bitch about so rage. >> I want her to just GO the HELL away. /rant.

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Apr 3, 09 2:57am

Neo bucket, that is. A while ago I said I was leaving, which I did for a day but had to do some things on the site, and it's about time I actually left. There's nothing else here for me anymore, my main reason to stay on the site doesn't really exist anymore along with some other things.

You will probably see me log on here and there. I don't plan on having a neohome though my mind may change. I may log on for any reasons but I'm not probably going to hang out on the site much anymore. Time to become neo-dead again like I was before Jan.

You may contact me over MSN if you need me. Peace neoseekers. :L

CardCaptor Sakura blogged
Mar 23, 09 1:49am

A hot topic whore.

I went to the mall today. Went to hot topic(who would have guessed.). I got the following items;

(The dress, not the stockings or shoes.)

I also got a Hello kitty bag at another store, which again I can't seem to find.

Went to target and got a new pair of shoes;

It was a fun trip. Can't wait to wear my new sweatshirt since it has a tail on the back. :L

CardCaptor Sakura blogged
Mar 19, 09 11:23am

I'm apparently, cheap.
I took a test and well, I was ATLEAST 1,000,000 dollars less than most of you bastards.

But hey, I'm more likely to be bought, right? Pfft no. I'm already sold out. ._____.

So yeah. Been sick for a while. Going back to school today. Mom broke the computer..and our internet(YAY FOR HOPPING ON THE NEIGHBORS!) and citrus green tea = gross.

Got PE today which isn't gonna be fun with my coughing fits but whatever. I think we're playing volley baaaaaaaalll.

But yeah. Got stuff to do this morning, such as reading(WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED). Idk how much I'll be on the weekend but we'll see.

CardCaptor Sakura blogged
Mar 16, 09 12:56pm


/add more later. GOING TO SCHEWL.

CardCaptor Sakura blogged
Mar 16, 09 1:35am

I know a bunch of you are gonna wtf because I said I left but I said I'd log in sometimes, maybe blog things and shit so yeah. I am going neodead, I said slowly.

I have a new love.

Everyone meet Mr. Dragon. I love him. ;-;



Anyways I plan on not being much on msn next week. I want a break and I'm probably gonna need a distraction for a reason that well, most people will find out as soon as I announce it I guess.

Currently stressed out as *bleep* and I wanna rip a stress toy into 100 piece, stab it with a knife, then feed it to the mashed potato fairy. ._.;

asdasdn;lkasd <-- stress.

But yeah. Updated neohome. Still working it at bit. Not complete. So I'll be logging on for a few more days.

Coded Mouschi_Chan's neohome.

Looking forward to school and here's my reason why.

School makes me forget my stress.

Gonna be working with my mom for a few days at her work so more distactions.

Eh. Next week seems like hell. Probably deserve it though, and you'll all figure out why at somepoint.(Well, neofriends that is.)

other sopsadpoh
CardCaptor Sakura blogged
Mar 12, 09 1:29am

Well it's been a fun run back on Neoseeker for a while I guess. But I've drifted back to my other site I use. I probably will be back someday on neo again. ._.

I'll still be on MSN, so dun be flipping out. >>; Just neo's gone boring again, and I have everyone I like to talk to on my MSN. For those too lazy enough to go look on my profile;

That's my add. I may or may not log on to blog here and there, update/change neohome, change/updated profile, or send PM's. So I'm probably gonna slowly become neodead once again as I was a few months before January. :L Nn Neo.

CardCaptor Sakura blogged
Mar 8, 09 11:48pm

What's worse than a tidal wave? A tornado? A EXPLODING POTATO IN YOUR FACE?...Me using my brain.

Well I'm going to have my last day of testing tomorrow. One more day of brain sapping, nap craving, turtle mutating, testing. I've been tired as *bleep* lately and because of THAT TESTING AND THINKING. I should NEVER use my brain. My brain is dusty, and I like it dusty. When I have to use it other than when it's on auto it gets me tired and just ugh. ._.;

Spanish tests, oh spanish tests. After talking to my Spanish/English/Japenese speaking boyfriend I figured out I put SOAP for the Spanish of ham. Jabon/Jamon. *bleep* it.

I'm gonna wear my converse tomorrow, along with my skelanimals skirt if I can. Since good ol' mother natures on crack again,(been getting in the 50's lately. The 50's!. >> )In WINTER. That's like our SUMMERS sometimes or atleast here. Mother nature's snorting crack.

But yeah. Random shiz again. ._.;

CardCaptor Sakura blogged
Feb 28, 09 9:14pm

Was too lazy to blog about it last night.

I hate people who laugh at jokes because you are when they don't even get it. I was talking to my friends at lunch and this bitch I hate sat down and started laughing with us even though she didn't even get the joke unless she was in my English class. Freaking pisses me off. ._.

Same thing with people who always have to say "That's what she said". I say it like, once a month maybe. I only do it unless it's a really good time to. >>

Or in example, sometimes "That's what he said".

(9:18 PM) The Scandalous P: Pandymint says (9:17 PM):
i like it to be long and intriguing
(9:18 PM) The Scandalous P: That's what he said
(9:18 PM) Pandymint: KIA
(9:18 PM) The Scandalous P: D/
(9:18 PM) Pandymint: XD
(9:18 PM) Pandymint: KIA
(9:18 PM) Pandymint: GOOD GOD
(9:18 PM) Pandymint: XD
(9:18 PM) The Scandalous P: I. Didn't say it.
(9:18 PM) Pandymint: you thought it
(9:19 PM) The Scandalous P: When do I not think it?
(9:19 PM) The Scandalous P: Oh wait that came out so wrong.
(9:19 PM) The Scandalous P: /palm
(9:19 PM) Pandymint: ...
(9:20 PM) Pandymint: fail
(9:20 PM) Pandymint: just fail

Sorry Kenny. Had to. :3

CardCaptor Sakura blogged
Feb 25, 09 4:41am

We all know that knowledge is power. It's a fact in life. Those who have knowledge get good jobs, help the world and stuff. But with power comes pain, and risk. ._. Knowledge is good, yes. But it's bad as well. Numb people do have problems too but they never really CARE about this. I mean. :/ Knowledge is wonderful and all but sometimes you just need to shut the shit up and be numb for a while. Knowledge is stressful, while being numb can be peaceful. I rather die numb that my deaths coming than knowing it's coming at me.

So, which would fellow Neoseekers have?

Knowledge, while being brilliant yet over stressed. Wonderful job chances, with good pay.


Numb, when you just enjoy the actual part of life while may not having the best of jobs, but you got a calm life. May not have all the best benefits, but you enjoy the simplicity of life.

Well tomorrow my P.E class will be doing badminton. I love badminton. I love it as much as I love singing.

Today was fairly good. Looking forward to tomorrows surprises.

CardCaptor Sakura blogged
Feb 23, 09 6:25pm

Here is a place I'd like to talk about the best freaking foods on Earth.

SUNCHIPS! Freaking awesome. ;-; Only chip that doesn't make me wanna throw up after I nom them. Best flavor is Cheddar, in my opinion. They are just awesome and how could anyone NOT like them? D:

Lindt Truffles. Another awesome food and probably my favorite candy. :L Best chocolate truffle ever.

INSTANT *bleep*ING RAMEN. ANOTHER FOOD OF THE GODS. Perfect for a lazy, yet tasty, lunch/dinner/snake. I love this stuff and normally have it 2 times a week.

The all famous Kiwi fruit. This is the best fruit I have ever nommed. Been my favorite, still is my favorite. I effing love Kiwis.

Poptarts. They don't need to be explained. But here's Manny's reason why they are awesome;

"'Cause they don't have to be cooked".



nomz other
CardCaptor Sakura blogged
Feb 22, 09 6:35pm

My dad was taking a shower this morning and after he got done he went downstairs. I went to go read in the living room(Which is close to his bathroom), and I kept hearing this loud hissing noise coming from his bathroom. I went to go look, and his shaving cream can in the shower was just exploding out shaving cream. ;-; The can itself had rusted and there was a small pin hole in the side of the can. The whole downstairs smells like shaving cream at the moment. XD It smells good, though my mom's complaining since she hates the smell. First chairs were exploding, now shaving cream cans. What's next. .__.;


I'm currently still working on my neohome. I have two sections done though. Feel free to read/stalk.

CardCaptor Sakura blogged
Feb 22, 09 2:35am

Oh so dizzy and shitty. .__.; No matter what I'm doing, laying down, standing up, jumping jacks, sitting, and all of those even with my eyes closed. With music, without music. While talking, and not talking. Holding my breathe, I've tried it all but I can't help but to feel dizzy. Actually it's get worse with my eyes closed.

Ugh, anyways. I DUN WANT THIS WEEK TO END. ;-; Mainly because I got Spanish on Monday, ugh. ;-; This week has been so aaweeeeesssssommmmmee. I got to call Manny a lot, orez came back, I found a cool new iTunes thing(toolbar on the taskbar), and it's just been an awesome week.

My desktop's screensaver is these color changing bubbles. They make me happy.

But yeaaaah. This dizzyness is *bleep*ing evil. o_o Sorta like that I-WANNA-THROW-A-GIANT-BOOK-AT-IT-AND-HOPE-IT-DIES evil. >> I don't FEEL sick though, just dizzy. It's odd.

I plan on making a new neohome in a few days, which will have sections. D: I don't know what I want for sections though. SUGGESTIONS, BOYS AND GIRLS OF NEOSEEKER?


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