Vapour Snake CarRamrod
Apr 17, 06 5:52am
You've been randomly bitten by me. Hope to see you around the forums.

Noodle8 CarRamrod
Mar 2, 06 1:26am
omg, you perv, that icon is so pornish, dont report me for this, it really is though, i thought that one anime icon, similar to that was bad, but omg, you might as well go to like
jonnyrocksyou CarRamrod
Jul 20, 04 9:15pm
i cant wait till gta san andreas and halo 2 come out. those are games are going to be awesome. you skate? see ya around.

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i say bs
Mush Master CarRamrod
Aug 14, 02 4:14am
Hey pot smoker. We got to go skateboarding tmr. I have the urge really bad. Maybe you'll get on top of Trinity. Wait. Not tmr. I got to go to my bass lesson. Maybe not thursday either. I might go up the cottage that day. AAAAAAAAAA.
Father Ted CarRamrod
Aug 13, 02 9:55pm
hey man thanks for signing my guestbook, guess im the first to sign yours! see ya around the gta forums

i hate 125 characters, hamburger, fish sticks, nacho bread, buritos, cabbage