I really have no idea what this is... so... um... how about them Lakers? They're a sports team right? Like baseball or something, right? ... Yeah, I really don't know what's supposed to go here so I'll just keep rambling. Have you ever been to Canada before? I have and I thought it was a pretty spankin' nice place. Except for Quebec. French people are weird... Was that racist? Crap, I shouldn't be racist on this thing. Who knows who could be looking at this. The NSA could be watching. What if they are monitoring my online actions?! Holy crap, I really hope they don't check my web history. That would be embarrassing. Speaking of embarrassing situations, when I was younger I had a very embarrassing mix-up. We were having spirit week at school and the theme for the day was "dress-up day." I thought that it meant dress up all goofy and whatnot when actually it as dress up fancy. I hear you saying, "Eh, that's not that bad." Well, you aren't the one who showed up to school wearing monster slippers and a helmet with a rubber chicken duct taped to it. I had to hide in a closet to get those tuxedo-ed children to stop laughing at me. On the topic of tuxedos, which do you think is more dressy, a tie or a bowtie? I personally think a bowtie is fancy as frick, but for some reason like nobody wears them. I mean, come on. Sure they're a bit old school, but really they can go with practically any outfit. Their popularity really has risen since the eleventh Doctor appeared. He is such a BA. Just like Mr. T. That's kind of ironic considering that Mr. T played the role of BA in the A Team. "I pity the fool who is still readin' 'dis homepage!" Oh, dat mohawk... Really I should be doing something more productive with my time. I could be finding the cure to cancer or finding out why cancer is named after a Zodiac sign. That reminds me, have you ever heard of the Zodiac killer? He was this dude that murdle-urdled a bunch o' peeps and you know what, they never caught him. I wonder what he is doing right now. For all I know he could be dead and for all you know I could be the Zodiac killer. Wouldn't that be one heck of a plot twist. You, just reading through some random guy's odd ramblings on their NeoHome then all of a sudden, "Holy frankfurters, I found the Zodiac killer. I'm telling my mom." Then you go upstairs and you're like, "Yo, hey, mom, I found the Zodiac killer guy." And she'll be like, "Not now, Billy. Mums is busy." Then you'll be like, "... My name isn't Billy... OR IS IT?!" Then you'll look into a mirror and realize that YOU ARE BILLY MAYES! It would be complete and utter madness so I guess it's a good thing that I'm not the Zodiac killer. Sorry to burst your bubble. You aren't actually going to get a lot of money from Oxyclean... or be dead. You know, I'm really sad that Billy Mayes died. Sure he was irritating in the commercials, but he became a part of my life. Every commercial break I would mentally prepare myself to be told how incredible the Shamwow was in a ridiculously loud voice. But now the closest thing I have to that is that Austalian guy who does the Oxyclean commercials now. What's his name? Like Anthony Sullivan or something like that, right? Did you know that he and Billy Mayes actually hosted a show together on the Discovery Channel called Pitchmen? I bet that during the filming of that show, Anthony poisoned Billy so that he could replace him like a frickin' robot from the future or something. Ooh, that's freaky to think about. I wish the Discovery Channel was as good as it used to be. They need to have Mythbusters on more often. Right now, the Discovery Channel is on the verge of becoming like the History Channel: nothing but reality shows about people that no one cares about... and ancient aliens. I mean, really. Who even watches crap like Shelby the Swamp Man and crap like that. It's kind of like Duck Dynasty. How does a show about a bunch of hillbilly millionaires get this much of a following? Oh wait, I guess the Beverly Hillbillies was just like that. Except it was actually funny. Oh, burn! Wait, does that mean that shows like Duck Dynasty will eventually become classics like the Beverly Hillbillies? That's it. I give up on the human race. We're doomed. I mean intelligence must clearly be dropping. For example, why are you still reading this? Is it really that interesting? Or do you just have the mind of a brain-damaged potato? Either way, I'm done rambling. Writing this really made my fingers hurt so I'm going to go eat pretzels and watch tv. Ta-ta. -Captain Nerditude