Magnetar Captain Nerditude
May 20, 15 2:02pm
Sir, im sorry to have to tell you this but.......I am going to need to arrest you
Captain Nerditude
Apr 29, 15 8:45am
Queen Amsey has returned! Long live the queen!
Captain Nerditude
Apr 18, 15 4:12pm
Monado boyeeeeeee!
Captain Nerditude
Apr 11, 15 10:13pm
The stupidity of some people simply amazes me sometimes.
Captain Nerditude
Apr 04, 15 11:51am
amasterisme if you could stop spamming me with adding and removing me from your friends, that'd be great. I don't even know you. T-T
Captain Nerditude
Apr 03, 15 8:55am
I'm not a life coach or some teacher, but I think we'll all survive. It's good to be alive.
Captain Nerditude
Apr 02, 15 3:20pm
Even the Jigglypuff Amiibo preorders sold out in under 7 minutes. What the hell
Captain Nerditude
Mar 31, 15 4:53pm
Nothing exists, save empty space and you. And you... are but a thot. B]
Captain Nerditude
Mar 12, 15 9:38pm
Don't you know that golden alpaca are indigenous to automobile explosions?
Captain Nerditude
Mar 10, 15 7:54pm
I have a specific set of skills... most of which have to do with peanut brittle
Captain Nerditude
Feb 25, 15 10:16am
YIIK: A Portmodern RPG! I can't wait till it comes out! :o
Captain Nerditude
Feb 15, 15 9:57pm
Goron Link is my spirit animal.
Captain Nerditude
Feb 09, 15 3:28pm
I just got one of the new Amiibo for $2.00. Thank you Walmart for screwing up! :D
Captain Nerditude
Feb 05, 15 10:19pm
So it goes.
Captain Nerditude
Feb 03, 15 10:44pm
My Pit Amiibo finally arrived in the mail today! Many tears of joy were shed
Captain Nerditude
Jan 28, 15 10:30am
panem et circenses
Captain Nerditude
Jan 17, 15 1:24pm
Amiibo, stop being better at Smash Bros than me! ;-;
Captain Nerditude
Jan 14, 15 9:55am
Majora's Mask New 3DS! MUST. HAVE.

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