Captain Nerditude
Oct 21, 15 11:47am
Today's the day Marty Luther King Jr time traveled to and got inspired to write his "I Have a Dream" speech! Happy BlacktotheFuture day!
Captain Nerditude
Oct 8, 15 11:35am
Finally have every Amiibo that I wanted so far besides Lucina and Bowser Jr. Praise be to restocks!
Captain Nerditude
Oct 5, 15 3:07pm
How do you win a debate against a cow?
Captain Nerditude
Oct 2, 15 8:23pm
Come snail away, come snail away, come snail away with me...
Captain Nerditude
Sep 26, 15 11:21am
For those of you with Happy Home Designer that want to see true beauty, check out 0405-7732-858
Captain Nerditude
Sep 11, 15 2:37pm
Can we all just take a minute to appreciate the fact that we can now make Sonic slide down a Mario flagpole in an official game?
Captain Nerditude
Sep 10, 15 10:38am
tfw a previous April Fools prank is announced to be reality. Pokemon Go hype is real, man
Captain Nerditude
Aug 28, 15 10:45am
The Game Grumps made the reveal trailer for the Shovel Knight Amiibo! What a time to be alive!
Captain Nerditude
Aug 18, 15 10:15pm
The theory of evolution is backed up by one undeniable fact: swag
Vast Captain Nerditude
Aug 18, 15 5:47pm
ur a bumdsas!@
Hmszelda Captain Nerditude
Aug 14, 15 12:11pm
Who is in your avatar?
Captain Nerditude
Aug 13, 15 1:16pm
Ed is my spirit animal.
Captain Nerditude
Aug 1, 15 4:16pm
Captain Nerditude
Jul 30, 15 9:44pm
Gosh dangit, Steins;Gate, why do you play with my emotions like this?! ;-;
Blue_Mew Captain Nerditude
Jul 19, 15 3:13pm
I hope I'm not the only person who completely imagines you with a british accent.
Captain Nerditude
Jul 17, 15 12:14pm
Captain Nerditude
Jul 12, 15 11:36am
Back from vacation just to have to leave again tonight ;-;
Captain Nerditude
Jun 23, 15 6:59pm
Captain Nerditude
Jun 16, 15 7:59pm
Needless to say, I was quite disappointed in Nintendo's E3 Direct. Nonsensical spin-offs out the wazoo ;-;
Captain Nerditude
Jun 14, 15 2:36pm
New Smash Bros DLC and a ton more Amiibo on the way! rip in peace, wallet

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