This is my new favorite song: XD
I am so hype for Smash for the Wii U right now. Plus, I'm super surprised Mewtwo is on the way. Can't wait until November! ;o
Downloading my ORAS demo now! :o
I believe a dream can still come true. Why shouldn't I believe the same in you?
I swear, it is nearly impossible to get any A ranks in Hyrule Warriors' Adventure Mode without a second player. :P
My entire view of Mario was just rocked by a YouTube video... I don't even know what to think anymore... After a near 5-ye

Homestar Runner is back! :o
Can't wait until I can get the ORAS demo!
Give my regards to the next frog you meet!
Sometimes a lonely way...
Today is National Depression Screening Day. If you think you might have depression, don't suffer in silence! Seek the help you need!
Y2K from Ackk Studios looks to be a mighty interesting game! Plus Yuriofwind is doing voice acting for it! So cool! :3
Finally got the Ganon trick in HR-contest to work and got 4963.9 ft. Not the 6000 I was going for, but not bad.
So I've been maining this guy on Smash Bros recently:
My Physics professor played the Moral Kombat theme before class today! :D
Terrorizing villages with intelligent remarks
I take back my initial evaluation of Girahim. The man's a freaking wrecking ball! :o

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