Update IV - 19/05/03: Pretty boring start to this. Ah well, bear with me!

My name is Matthew Rundle and I live in merry old England in the county of Cornwall. (it's in the south west and is famous for it's pasties!) I'm an 18 year old student currently taking a year out and have just recently finished a Prince's Trust Volunteers Course. For those of you wondering that consists of 12 weeks of team building, communication and various other aspects that are valuble in the workplace.

I have now secured a job as a Retail Assisstant at a large supermarket chain. In lamens terms that means I'm a shelf stacker at ASDA but a job's a job!

As you can tell from my above bio I am an avid football fan (or soccer for you people from the states or where ever else they call it that) and support the one and only Blackburn Rovers Football Club. That is why you see it in every aspect of me in Neo, my banner, sig and custom title. Not many can rival my commitment to displaying my support.

As well as all of this I am a very big fan of the cult sci-fi programme Red Dwarf (and you may see my RD banner soon if Blackburn don't improve) as well as the hilarious foul mouthed abuse show commonly know as South Park.

I like a lot of different types of music. My current favourites are U2, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Feeder and Avril Lavigne. I do not like anything that is remotely related to TV Pop Awful or whatever they call themselves. You know who you are!

My taste in games reflects my love of football. I am a big fan of the FIFA series and have the latest 2003 for the PS2. I also like the hard-hitting Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City games as well as The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers for PS2 and GBA.

And finally my contribution on Neo. I have been here just over 8 months. I finished 8th in the Premiership Pools, and am still going strong in the Champions League Pools. The Football quiz is on hold but will resume again soon I hope. As for the Football Dream Team that also nears it's climax.

Guess I should really throw in some stuff about my neofriends huh having been here almost nine months I must have made a fair few. Sorry if you didn't make the list but I probably forgot you. I still like you though whoever you are!

Hardcore Football Forum Junkies: Azel(Spurs); DaviesW(Ars'l); Jambo(Hr'ts); Liam(Ev'tn); markvic(Man U); Nuggy(Chl's); OOTER(Ab'dn); Red_Devil(Man U); schmikes(Man U); Superfast Oz(Lv'pl); Toninio(N'cst)

AJ; Fevernova; flacky; JiLL tHe ViDeO gAmEr; Little Miss Magic

I also had the honour of the first ever post in the Football (soccer)forum and do my best to help wherever I can on the site.

That's about it for me, I hope you enjoyed reading this and keep your eyes peeled for update V. And if you did read all of this let me know in my guestbook and I will reward you with a suitable signature back. Or PM me and let me know what my last line is. Send me the below quote and I'll sign your guestbook! How's that for a deal? Whadda you mean you want cash as well?

In the words of Arnold 'Ace' Rimmer:

'Smoke me a kipper - I'll be back for breakfast!'



SPORTS:Blackburn Rovers Football Club; Premiership Football; European Football; International Football

VIDEO GAMES: Grand Theft Auto III/VC; FIFA Football; The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

TV SHOWS: Red Dwarf; South Park; Fear Factor; Dream Team; The Premiership; Match of the Day

MUSIC: U2; Feeder; Red Hot Chilli Peppers; Avril Lavigne

MOVIES: Jurassic Park; Mission Impossible; American Pie; Dude, Where's My Car?
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