Holy poop, I am glad I watched the alternate ending for Breaking Bad. The real ending kind of depressed me, but that alternate... XD
Man, I love how much of an idiot my little brother is (Insert sarcasm here)!
California wants to split into six separate states, but I could've sworn the constitution says you can't do that...
The PreSequel outfits for Borderlands 2?! Aaaaaand they're not on Vita version... FML

Summer is here, and what does that mean? It's frickin' hot, that's what! So to help take off the heat, come on ov

How is it that I loved Super Mario 3D Land, but just hate 3D World?
Hold Hands is totally best Pokemon move ever. XD
After trying for about an hour, I finally got my new signature to work. :P
I am really glad I got Bastion. Incredible gameplay, incredible story, incredible music, and overall an incredible game!
Holy poop, I actually won something from FreeShinies on Twitter! :O
I decided to make Oldster Joey. What nightmare have I created?! http://neo.ly/1iLf0yh
So my little brother bought the game "The Ship" on Steam and it gave him it as well as two copies as gifts. Anyone know why?
Turbo Dismount and Skyrim are both $4.99 right now. I only have enough to buy one of them and I can't decide which one! :P
Everyone doing the Steam Summer Adventure: stop Red Team from winning today! Purple must maintain victory!
I usually hate snow courses, but Mount Wario is now my favorite Mario Kart course. :o
Day one of my Kent State orientation is done. Still scared about college...
LittleBigPlanet 3 revealed! :o
The heck? I thought Nintendo's thing was at 2:35? Why did I have to miss all this info?! :(
A summary of the news from E3 Day 1 so far: Nothing I care about in the slightest :P

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