How is it that I loved Super Mario 3D Land, but just hate 3D World?
Hold Hands is totally best Pokemon move ever. XD
After trying for about an hour, I finally got my new signature to work. :P
I am really glad I got Bastion. Incredible gameplay, incredible story, incredible music, and overall an incredible game!
Holy poop, I actually won something from FreeShinies on Twitter! :O
I decided to make Oldster Joey. What nightmare have I created?!
So my little brother bought the game "The Ship" on Steam and it gave him it as well as two copies as gifts. Anyone know why?
Turbo Dismount and Skyrim are both $4.99 right now. I only have enough to buy one of them and I can't decide which one! :P
Everyone doing the Steam Summer Adventure: stop Red Team from winning today! Purple must maintain victory!
I usually hate snow courses, but Mount Wario is now my favorite Mario Kart course. :o
Day one of my Kent State orientation is done. Still scared about college...
LittleBigPlanet 3 revealed! :o
The heck? I thought Nintendo's thing was at 2:35? Why did I have to miss all this info?! :(
A summary of the news from E3 Day 1 so far: Nothing I care about in the slightest :P
Everyone is trading their Pokeball Vivillons for other Pokeball Vivillons. Why?! :P
Thank you for this educational history lesson on the history of the internet, Media Molecule :3
I really want to finish Borderlands 2 on the Vita, but I'm not sure if I can put up with its crashing much longer.
Just took my AP Chem test. Also known as the "open test booklet and commence crying" test. :P

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