My experience with Shadow of the Colossus so far: Falling Simulator 2005 :P
Just sittin' here with my three pound bag of pretzels.
Morning after the first night at college. It still doesn't feel real... O.o
Email from Twitch: "You have 10 days to save your videos." I went on Twitch today and they were already gone. T-T
Does anyone know why the Sonic Adventure 2: Battle forum is "featured" right now? XD
Um... what is this new avatar? Are you already addicted to something else? lol

My dearly beloved neighbor Penelope has decided she is leaving my town. I would like to see her finding a good new home since

Rejoice my children, for I have returned to you at last!
On vacation in St. Louis for the week.
I never actually noticed how creepy your signature was until I observed it carefully o_0
I had to read The Circle by Dave Eggers over the summer for college and I am really glad I did. It is simply fantastic
Your next step is to get a OFF profile background :p
Lets be honest, how much creepier do I seem with this OFF avatar and signature?
Both Zant and Girahim playable in Hyrule Warriors! So very happy!
The cashier when I used $18 in change at GameStop today: "Let's see... 1... 2... 3... 4... F*** it, I trust you" *dumps bag in drawer*
Watched Markiplier play the end of OFF then read the most prominent theory on its meaning and now I am depressed. :(
Anyone know where I could find an English dubbed or subbed version of the Ape Escape anime series?
Want to make me look like a freak irl? Then hurry to the Neoraffle and bid on lot 67!

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