I take back my initial evaluation of Girahim. The man's a freaking wrecking ball! :o
Unlocked Girahim, but don't like using him. His animations take about twice as long as his attacks, which makes him feel so bulky. :(
I spent all day playing the story mode of Hyrule Warriors to unlock the characters I liked. They're unlocked through a different mode. FML
Not only did I get Hyrule Warriors today, but found an Atari and Nintendo Power Glove at a garage sale! So happy!
Steam now sells game soundtracks! That's so awesome! :o
So Australia is apparently getting N3DS in November. Still not even announced for America yet. :P
Wow, Steam's store page updated... and is blue for some reason.
I'm think I'm going to take a break from Neoseeker. My depression seems to be manifesting itself and I think I just need time to myself.
How I feel trying to argue with these people in the Console Mafia game: http://bit.ly/1Dr8XpC
Do you not have enough Smash Bros in your day? Here, let me fix that: http://bit.ly/1ua4fKl
Apparently "Brass Monkeys" is a slang term for cold. The more you know.
Notch is leaving Mojang as it gets bought by Microsoft. :'( http://bit.ly/1uDyS8I
Look at my *bleep*in' Mareep! Look at it! http://neo.ly/1qVh4UQ
We're all Benjamin.
So I recently learned that they made figures of Pit and Dark Pit. Golly do I wish I had the money for those! :o
I got my Smash Bros demo code, so I am very happy right now! :D
Haven't gotten my SSB demo code from Nintendo. I will be very sad if they skip me! :(

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