Last 10 Threads started by Capaldi
FINALLY 8 Aug 04, 2014
Official audio saga for the Time War and the like could be a thing 1 Jul 22, 2014
Voices from the games? 8 Jul 22, 2014
The 'I've got the game' thread! 7 Jun 28, 2014
John Hurt should not have been casted 15 Jun 18, 2014
Your favourite Master? 2 May 27, 2014
Are the games actually Pokemon Z? 15 May 27, 2014
Game name confrmed as Hyrule Warriors 3 May 23, 2014
Mysterious portal of evil 0 May 22, 2014
Impa playable, new screenshots, multiplayer, Japan release date 3 May 21, 2014
Last 10 Threads in which Capaldi participated
Episode Discussion: Listen 15 Sep 13, 2014
Riddled Perception: Evidence 336 Aug 24, 2014
Episode Discussion: Deep Breath 24 Aug 23, 2014
Riddled Perception: Evidence 336 Aug 20, 2014
PokéFiction Plaza 136 Aug 19, 2014
PokéFiction Plaza 136 Aug 19, 2014
Moffat Teases Series 8 12 Aug 19, 2014
New "leak"... Opinions? 12 Aug 19, 2014
Daily Image Discussion 4104 Aug 19, 2014
"Into the Dalek" synopsis 4 Aug 14, 2014
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