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Mar 12, 07 4:00am

Sign back when you can !
wildhazz Cangriman
Feb 12, 07 11:38am
Sry por la tardanza, bue no te conosco mucho pero pareces una buena persona, asi q por eso aca tenes mi firma.

Nos vemos en los Foros.
GameFreak101 Cangriman
Feb 4, 07 11:14am
Que stamp mas interesante...

Aqui tienes mi Stamp.

Cuidate! Hombre.
Stuy Cangriman
Feb 4, 07 11:11am
Returing el favor!

See yuh in the forum. =DD

*mwah* <3
cheatheadVIII Cangriman
Jan 11, 07 7:34am

Please stamp his GuestBook or I'll get whipped for it....... Hard.
lil ff kid reborn Cangriman
Dec 29, 06 3:20pm
Hey since you're a magic fan and you like Carlos Arroyo take a pic of him

Happy Holidays

Med_Jai Cangriman
Nov 8, 06 2:39am
Stamping your guest book back. I don't have a visible stamp and currently I am unable to find my invisible stamp.

So guess this words will have to do.
horsejo Cangriman
Oct 30, 06 3:40am
here is a sign. i hope yo like my sign. here is a story i wrote. by the way, i saw your invisible stamps. can i please have 1. take the story as a stamp. by the way sorry it is not finished!

Yippee! I have just come back from a marvelous trip to a fabulous place called Tunica County. I had tons of fun there! I got to do all kinds of neat things. Best of all, while I was having a magnificent time, I was learning too! It was so fantastic! Do you want to hear about it? Well that was a silly question! Of corse you do! Let me tell you each and every thing that I leaned about that I thought was wonderful. Let’s go!
All of my classmates were sure to arrive on time that day for school. We were all blissful. I could not wait to begin our exiting and interesting adventure. I got in a group with Mary Connor, David, and Jansen. We left at eight forty-five. On the bus I sat by my friend, Samantha. We laughed and played Black Jack. After an hour of fun, we arrived at the museum in Tunica County. The marvelous museum was called the Tunica Museum.
As soon as the whole class got inside, we divided into two jumbo groups. My group went into a humongous wall with an American flag hanging on a gigantic wall. We sat down. A man came in and told us about cotton. Did you know that cotton is not naturally white? It is really a dirty brown color that has been bred to be white. Now people are even making weird colored cotton. Cotton can even be green! Also did you know that not to many years ago there would be no school from fall to December because children would be home picking cotton? They would have to carry it along behind them in twenty foot bags. When the bags got full, they would weigh a massive hundred pounds! That is a whole bunch of cotton!
I learned about the cotton gen. The word gen stands for engine. The cotton gen takes seeds out of your cotton and is really helpful. When ever anyone would start the cotton gen, they would say the Spanish words for hands up. Then all the around people would bring their hands up while they start the machine. The seeds would come out in one part and in another part, fresh, soft, white cotton would come out. It goes quite fast. Then once they have lots of the seedless cotton, workers will make clothes out of the cotton that we wear. They will dye the cotton. Right after that, we can get new cotton clothes.
Then we got to meet an adorable tiny raccoon named Molly. Molly had come to the Tunica Museum when she was a young little raccoon who’s mother had lost her. The museum workers were raising Molly until she was old enough and they could let her go on her own. Right now Molly is about seven months old. I learned something neat and new about raccoons. A raccoon’s closest relative who is an animal is the Giant Panda Bear. I thought that their closest relative was the raccoon like Red Panda. I thought that was extremely wild, but at the same time, unbelievably interesting.
Next we got to go to a neat, no more than neat, exquisite museum part. First we saw many animal bodies. They were really dead, but seemed alive with their huge, colorful eyes. I still wish they were alive and active, though. Then we looked at the signs and learned some fantastic information. Did you know that the county Tunica was named after a tribe of Indians. The tribe was called Tunica. In their language, tunica means people. They were the people tribe.
Then my group broke up. Mary Connor and David rushed far ahead while myself, Jo and Jansen stayed with our group leader, my mum. The three of us saw a model of Hernando Desoto who was the first Spanish man to discover the area. He had a long sward. The sward had a special blue case. Desoto also had a special armor and hat. His outfit was neat. I would not dress like that, however.
We saw some animal furs. The mere sight of those furs had me crying a five inch lake of tears. Before it could get any deeper, I stopped. I learned that furs are really quite soft. I then knew why some people loved to dress in them. Furs are lovely to but excruciating. I would never real any real animal furs. There were three raccoon furs, two fox furs, and one skunk fur. I smelled the one skunk fur. It even still smelled a wee bit bad. So then the three of us moved on.
As we moved on, we found David. He said that he saw the whole museum already! That was hard to believe! Mary Connor was still missing, though. We moved on and learned that when only the Indians lived there, hardwood forests were all over! There was one here, one there, even one all the way over here! As the Spanish settlers settled the Tunica lands, however, the hardwood forests began to disappear. Now, when you looked around, all you saw was cotton fields. Cotton was everywhere! Cotton was now the forever ruler of Tunica County.

. .
. .
. .
. .

the h is for my name. sign back!!
Anon_Y_Mous Cangriman
Oct 29, 06 2:22am
I'm sorry that it I didn't notice that you signed my guestbook, but thank you for doing so. And here's a stamp

Note: It's visialbe.

Arietta Cangriman
Oct 25, 06 11:26am

I am signing

So its true, your native languaje is español?hats my native languaje, too.

Osea que usemos spanglish

Yo me llamo Andres Ibañez, vivo in my city La Paz Is not to cool pero es bonita XD!

So here is my STAMP!

mettaur Cangriman
Oct 25, 06 10:15am
You've just got stamped by...

Thanks for signing my gb!
masesaco Cangriman
Aug 13, 06 6:21am
So... you´re from Puerto Rico, your language is spanish, I think...I´m from Portugal, we are a bit afar one from another, but we´re almost connected by our languages, whose are very similar.
At least I´m able to understand almost all about spanish without learn anything about that at school.
And that´s all, best regards from a young man 46 yars old.
King_of_blue Cangriman
Jun 3, 06 5:26am
Hi I just wanted to sign

Happy debating in the DS forums!
D2Killerz Cangriman
Jan 30, 06 1:33am
i wanted 2 sign your guest books for some reason i still dont know how to stamp though well sign back.:D:D:D
Liquidity Cangriman
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Prime Hunter Cangriman
Jan 11, 06 4:34am
Que pasa Cangri? Ya veo que se estan uniendo muchos boricuas. No tengo un "stamp" pero voy a hacer uno pronto


Viva Puerto Rico!!