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Jan 22, 09 8:54pm

I got a brandnew Girlfriend

Ok well loungin is gonna miss the news there loss lol. Im now dating my best friend Sammy. She filed for divorce and I asked her out. I know that sounds bad, but its really not, she wanted to date me anyway, just didnt wanna ask me, and when I asked she said what took you so long. So now im dating a divorced girl who is also my best friend woot.


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kik36 Jan 22, 09
Just be careful if she's still going through the divorce.....especially if she has kids. Pissed off (soon to be ex) husbands are no fun!! LMAO

Congrats to the both of you.
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Neo McKnight Jan 22, 09
Ordered you "Divorced Girlfriend Survival Kit" Today!
Containes 1 First Aid Kit, One Six Pack of Double Potent Beer ,A bottle of sleeping pills, Ear plugs ,and a 12-Gauge Shot gun with enough ammo to kill a bull Elephant. Order Today to get a free subscription to "How to Tame the Beast" Monthlly.
Im just kidding dude, best of luck to you!
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Candle Jan 22, 09
lol thanks McKignt

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