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Jan 10, 09 8:22pm

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Well I just filed in Erath County, I found out the statue of limitations for abuse to a minor doesnt start till I turn 18, so I filed agsint my father for Assault and sexual abuse agsint me when I was younger, they talked to my mother and she confirmed what I told them, and told them she was to scared to come forward to testify against him. I also gave them the number of my old best friend and his family. They issued an arrest warrant for him, or so I was told by the officer. So I might be able to stop him for messing up my brothers like he did me, my brother, and sister all from his first marriage, but I might save my 3yr and 10month old brothers


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Star of Spurs Jan 10, 09
You're suing your dad?

And what the hell makes you think that your friend will mess up your brothers? What did he exactly do, apart from love someone who you'd broken up with?
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Candle Jan 10, 09
not my ex friend, my dad and his own kids, Im helping my brothers out and filing agasint my father for how he treated me as a kid

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