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Jan 22, 09 8:54pm

Ok well loungin is gonna miss the news there loss lol. Im now dating my best friend Sammy. She filed for divorce and I asked her out. I know that sounds bad, but its really not, she wanted to date me anyway, just didnt wanna ask me, and when I asked she said what took you so long. So now im dating a divorced girl who is also my best friend woot.

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Jan 21, 09 5:41pm

While it may be an over used genre, there are still a lot of games, and I still love World War II, so here is my list

Number 5 . Return to Castle Wolfenstein
A great shooter, but that was about it, the game was a total blast, and it kept many a gamer busy when it came out. This game is always going to be on someones list.

Number 4 . Medal of Honor Airborne
Yes its Medal of Honor, but that isn't really a bad thing. The team that has been making this WW2 shooter series has been at it since 1998 and Airborne was once again a great game with a new idea. Its a must play for anyone that enjoys WW2

Number 3. Call of Duty 2
One of the most anticipated games of 2005 and one of the games that made everyone's computer cry. This WW2 shooter takes you from The Frozen Russian Steppes to North Africa. With great game play, and a super smart AI, the only problem this game may have is, the game it is a follower up to.

Number 2. Medal of Honor Allied Assault
Does this game need an introduction, it brought Omaha Beach to your computer like never before and was an instant classic still played today. There was nothing quite like the style of play for this game, and nothing has matched the fun this game gave us.

Number 1. Call of Duty: United Offense
This game was Call of Duty perfected, harder, bigger battles, and improved AI. If the First Call of Duty was great, this must have been pure FPS delight served up with an M1. The massive battles will even make a modern PC struggle at the highest settings, and they still look impressive today. This game may be an expansion, but it deserves all the credit of first place.

pc gaming related
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Jan 21, 09 10:14am

So today I starting playing Combat Arms again, and I must say the lag issues are still there, the rough control is still there, and forget aiming, it still sucks. Thats not to say its not fun, but Nexon still has a few things to fix first

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Jan 10, 09 11:27pm

Well gaming woes abound, Call of Duty UO and CnC3 dont work right anymore, I cant even explain it, there isnt a reason for it, but oh well. Im wondering if my ram is going bad but Im not entirly sure, but Ill figure it out lol.

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Jan 10, 09 8:22pm

Well I just filed in Erath County, I found out the statue of limitations for abuse to a minor doesnt start till I turn 18, so I filed agsint my father for Assault and sexual abuse agsint me when I was younger, they talked to my mother and she confirmed what I told them, and told them she was to scared to come forward to testify against him. I also gave them the number of my old best friend and his family. They issued an arrest warrant for him, or so I was told by the officer. So I might be able to stop him for messing up my brothers like he did me, my brother, and sister all from his first marriage, but I might save my 3yr and 10month old brothers

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Jan 7, 09 10:24am

Well life goes on they say, and well I suppose its true. I have found another girlfriend, well actully odd thing is, I didn't find her, we where great friends for a long time, and suddenly wham outta no where she confeses to loving me, said she always has, and couldn't hold it back anymore, so I guess I got a brand new girl friend.

Other than that, I got a great new job, with the leagal stuff, my army career is postponed pending a trail agasint my dad, he came over today with a gun and told me to step outside, well the cops arrested him, but I gotta wait for trail before leaving, so I got a job with the Texas Highway Department for now, and things are starting to look up.

I did get myself something today though, bought a 94 F-150 XL for 750, it needs some work, but it runs well, it just doesn't stop well lol. Im looking at upgrading my PC again also with my new job, I can afford it, I'll start making 2400 a month so im told, and my total bills are around 500 a month, so that gives me some play money ya know. All and all I can say my life is improving.


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