I am 16, Male from Scotland in the UK. It's alright here bit too cold and wet I suppose. I go to Larbert High School and I am in 5th year. It's hard work but worth it in the long run.
I will own you at MW2 with my fellow "7fig" clan/friends.
Shout out to CorpsegrinderZz.
Peace out.


I have a passion for football (soccer) and I support Hibernian F.C. in Edinburgh, Scotland. I have a season ticket for them and attend as much matches as possible.
I probably play too much Xbox360 (mainly Modern Warfare 2) and I'm on my laptop too much also.
I play a lot of MW2 and Fifa10, my gamertag is C77 Urusai (add me if you want).


If I don't own you, the connection is f*cked.
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