Im pretty much a newbie... But We could be friends whenever you have time to or comfterble to when you have time, Roblox is BladeTheHedgehog123, And, I forgot my Nick thing... But yeah my mostplays account is TheChaosTheory
Finally I meet someone to chat to since this is my first signature since I'm new to this so this is really funny to me!Anyways your my first friend I have met!.! ;] Thanks for leting anyone be your friend if they sign your guestbook so thanks!
are you a big crash fan im noty that big sonce i only knew that he wasnt just a race ca game in 06.but i still like him. bum bum bum bum do do bu bu (oh im listening to crash 3 cortex on youtube !)
now to meet the chararter lenth thing .
Hey I'm a crash fan to we can be friends!
Sorry this is the only stamp I had.
Hey, since you like Crash, you're a buddy of mine! Hehe, nah, just dropping by. I don't have a stamp, sorry.

Hi Crash fan,

I will sign your guestbook because of the suggestions above.


now you have 1 guest more.

Happy Neo-seeking.
hey cw i see your a crash fan, as am i, see you in the forums. peace out and live the high life

from nintendoid
Hi! Glad to see that you are a great fan of crash bandicoot like me! Can I please join your quiz too, or will I have to wait till you start another?

hi i just popped into say hi.haven't signed anyones guest books in ages so i thought i would.i could not find a stamp so i justdidn't post one.seya round
i guess since everyone else signed i should!
kidding! your cool and freindly. not much of a spammer either.
have fun......

Hey, you said you love Patrick, so I decided to sign your book thingy. Yay! Patrick Rules! Well, that's all. Have a nice day!
Hey dude you're a really cool guy and loads of fun to chat to, as well as the fact you can make me crask up soooo bad on certain threads, so I signed you're guestbook. Sign mine or you will be turned into a Callum Cake.
Hey how's it goin? Just wanted to drop by and say hi to ya. Well now that that's taken care of I guess you'd want a stamp or somethin'. Instead I got you this...

I'm just kiddin'. Have fun and stay outta trouble.
callum, i know you are a very big fan of crash bandicoot. i am too. i just wish i had a ps1 so i could play crash 2.

your a great friend and a nice person to people.
I know you are new to neoseeker, and I just wanted to drop by and say hi. You like Crash Bandicoot, so I signed your guestbook. Also, sign mine back.