My Neo-Family:
¤ Animegirl
¤ Punker_Chick14
¤ Black Magister
¤ Guardian
¤ Seto Kaiba
¤ Agatio
¤ Duskull
¤ Blue Soul
¤ Spitz
¤ Double Dude
Neo Love(no we aren't dating anymore)-
¤ WarriorOfChains

Special Quote from someone I don't know....
"Why is it the only person that can make you stop crying is the one who made you cry in the first place?"


Talking to my friends on AIM,, MSN Messenger, and Neo (of course)... If you want to know anything else about you'd better PM or IM me and get to know me now shouldn't you???
Answer: Yes!


If you want to see my Neo-Family check out my profile...
In her arms was CJ the stuffed animal that was named after her one and only true love, he hated that dog.
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