Sep 8, 15 11:44am
Hmmm gaming season has begun! Mad Max, Metal Gear V and more o my!
Apr 19, 15 2:04pm
Mad Max: Fury Road. Movie of the millennia.
Feb 28, 15 11:38pm
TBH I'd prob spam Army of the damned and Unbreathing horde. 13 2/2s and 1 13/13 ahha
Cain_Kousei_69 blogged
Feb 28, 15 11:33pm

Just thought of a nice form of EDH to play with a friend. It would be called horror show and both commanders would be Planeswalkers from Innistrad or Dark Ascension and each deck would be constructed of cards from ether block.
Cain_Kousei_69 blogged
Feb 8, 15 8:24pm

New fatalism - Meaning what? A feeling that effort reaps no rewards and so is not worth making; that the world is what it is and cannot be changed — at least not by me, even if I felt like changing it, which I don’t; that luck or inborn talent (which, being inborn, is just luck under another name) determines destiny, excluding most of us from the really good things in life — if they really are good, which they’re not, so to hell with them.
Cain_Kousei_69 blogged
Feb 3, 15 1:26pm

Gamestop. You tell me my order is canceled online then tell me its ready in-store? You confuse me. Don't do this to the amiibo people waiting for their stuff. You freaked me out.
Jan 27, 15 6:41pm
9 more days till I hit my local comic con. Excite!
Nov 18, 14 6:26pm
Oct 27, 14 6:32pm
Smack, smack, Sugar Smack. Give me a smack, and I'll smack you back!
Oct 22, 14 7:27am
6 more six days until my Sunset Overdrive bundle! (hype!)
Sep 30, 14 9:52pm
I just made my 69th post on neo (since 2009 no less xD) My lucky number...
Sep 20, 14 11:08pm
Aug 18, 14 7:07pm
Goats are like Mushrooms, if you shoot a duck, I'm scared of toasters.
Aug 11, 14 11:42am
May 25, 14 10:03am
Anyone wanna play Mario Kart 8 with me next week, hit me up and we'll friends codes swaps.
Apr 12, 14 6:16pm
Need more Vanilla coke....
Mar 17, 14 12:58pm
No plat for MGS5 Ground Zeroes!? Booo >_>
Mar 13, 14 9:23pm
Infamous 2nd Son; I neeeeeed you now!!!! >__-
Feb 7, 14 9:25pm
Its my 5th year on Neo this month xD
Feb 7, 14 9:23pm
Whoa! Its been ages since I last updated here! HELLOW NEOSEEKER! Go follow my twitch page!

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