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Feb 22, 09 8:27pm

Phew, the last few days have been rough. I've been working so hard on making my stage and model for the Mark-Dami Sonic engine.
I've half-made my Sonic Unleashed Wii/PS2 model, and my Apotos stage is comming on nicely.

My Sonic Unleashed Wii/PS2 model currently has an idle animation and half-finished running animation, and the Apotos Wii/PS2 stage has been made right up to the first slope (I know, that's not far, but it's a start).

I've decided to compile a list of screenshots showing the individual stages of my project in chronological order starting from when I got the engine (List is missing Next-Gen model update).

My Mark-Dami engine progress from beginning to now:

Original stage that came with the Engine (I was learning the controlls)
My atempt at a pipe (failed)
Pipe (perspective)
My custom stage in development
Custom stage (updated)
Trying out the Next-Gen model I downloaded (Fully animated and everything by someone else, no work was done by me, it also came with a score/rings/time update)
More Next-Gen model
Custom Stage - You may now walk on Super Sonic! (The life icon was also changed to the alternative icon)
My bad attempt at a Super Sonic recolour for the Next-Gen model
Super Sonic custom model (Perspectives)
Half-pipe attempt (Failed, but almost got it)
Flaw in new half-pipe
New half-pipe perspective
Here's where I got the propper tool for all of this work:
Super Sonic model (Positioning progress)
Super Sonic model: un-textured, w/ skeleton (Unfinished)
Super Sonic model: Untexture, finished skeleton
Super Sonic model (Restarted)
Sonic Heroes model with Next-Gen animation
Another screenshot
Yet another screenshot
Super Sonic model: Default pose finished
Score/Time/Rings update (custom)
Numbers update (DX Boss font)
Lives update (custom)
Update in action (with Apotos stage in early development)
Current stage

I may also customise the design of my blog today.

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