HI!!!! Nice to see your getting into Neo Warriours again, YAY!! WE ARE BRINGING IT BACK!!!

You're like one of the coolest roleplayers out there.
And very nice too.
heh heh, hopefully we'll have more batles together!
thought to stop by and sign your gbook you are a good rper and a good friend even we bearly talk hope we talk more sign my gbook
3rd guestbook signing!
Coolio keep posting and stay a member!
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No problem, guess what happens if you click this bad boy?
Thanks for siging my GB. Don't worry I'll keep loling lol, as long as you keep Xding lol

I'll see ya around XDer lol
How Are ya? You signed mine so i was just gonna drop in and say hi! Sorry I dont have a stamp...I dont know how to?! but any ways have a good day.
hey c drone i would like to battle you on mph sometime but you would probably kick my butt.by the way the library for sharp school is a wicked idea i probably mentioned it in the forum.

c ya

I Finally got off my lazy but and made a stamp...

Hey! Thanks for signing my guestbook. I wish I had a wireless internet connection to play MP:H with you but I don't Sorry... Hope to see ya around.

- Ryan
Thanks for signing my guestbook. [Twice] Sorry, it took me so long to sign back. I've been very busy lately. Just so you know, your doing a great job as co leader of Deadlocked. Keep up the good work. ^ ^

Do you need a stamp? I'd be happy to make you one.
Not only the Co-Leader of Deadlocked

Academy, but a true, and loyal friend.

Thanks for everything.

- alpha XF