SorasSister C drone
Jul 25, 08 5:08am
HI!!!! Nice to see your getting into Neo Warriours again, YAY!! WE ARE BRINGING IT BACK!!!

GrandeCastell C drone
Apr 25, 08 10:00am
You're like one of the coolest roleplayers out there.
And very nice too.
heh heh, hopefully we'll have more batles together!
pikachu_2008 C drone
Mar 13, 08 6:54am
thought to stop by and sign your gbook you are a good rper and a good friend even we bearly talk hope we talk more sign my gbook
PixieGyrl99 C drone
Jan 11, 08 9:33am
3rd guestbook signing!
Coolio keep posting and stay a member!
Halowner C drone
Jan 6, 08 4:04pm
[div align=center]

No problem, guess what happens if you click this bad boy?
lozzyhunter C drone
Aug 25, 07 3:08am
Thanks for siging my GB. Don't worry I'll keep loling lol, as long as you keep Xding lol

I'll see ya around XDer lol
the sims addict C drone
Aug 24, 07 6:57am
How Are ya? You signed mine so i was just gonna drop in and say hi! Sorry I dont have a stamp...I dont know how to?! but any ways have a good day.
SonicKid C drone
Apr 1, 07 8:03pm

nitro j C drone
Feb 15, 07 4:35am
hey c drone i would like to battle you on mph sometime but you would probably kick my the way the library for sharp school is a wicked idea i probably mentioned it in the forum.

c ya
glorioustearz C drone
Dec 20, 06 4:52am

I Finally got off my lazy but and made a stamp...

Imperial Zhou Tai C drone
Dec 8, 06 7:35am
Hey! Thanks for signing my guestbook. I wish I had a wireless internet connection to play MP:H with you but I don't Sorry... Hope to see ya around.

- Ryan
Virtue C drone
Nov 6, 06 12:38am
Thanks for signing my guestbook. [Twice] Sorry, it took me so long to sign back. I've been very busy lately. Just so you know, your doing a great job as co leader of Deadlocked. Keep up the good work. ^ ^

Do you need a stamp? I'd be happy to make you one.
alpha XF C drone
Nov 2, 06 5:31am
Not only the Co-Leader of Deadlocked

Academy, but a true, and loyal friend.

Thanks for everything.

- alpha XF