Hey falcon,

Well im shocked i haven't signed your guestbook yet.
Anyways well just wanted to wish you a happy new years and to have a wonderful new year.
Hope you contuniue with your writing because your great at what you do.
Well keep on being awesome.
And i wish you the best of luck for 2011.
well not much to say left take care falcon.
and to wrap it up have a wonderful weeked too.

take care your friend,
Hey falcon, its been a while! Still around on here eh? haha

ive tried to be on more recently, just cant really find the time to do it...

take care, kutless.
Hey Chas!

Take care!

Princess Gow Gow
whats up have a good day and enjoy your time on this website
Happy Belated Birthday! I'm sorry I couldn't stamp your guestbook on your birthday.

You're a great person - don't change and don't leave ((or I'll cry ... o.0))

Have a wonderful life and I hope to talk to you soon!

~ Roxanne aka Midnight-Chan ~

You're a very interesting and friendly person. I hope we can become better friends in the future.

Well here is my plain stamp [[Sorry, I don't have anything better right now but when I do I'll be stamping again ^^]] :~

.:From Your Friend:.

wow you have a BIG guestbook! Anyways i wanted to stamp you with my new stamp.

see ya around!
Please come back to MySims! We all miss you!

hey i wanted to sign your guestbook with my new stamp...so

see you around
Seeing as you're my co-owner, I thought I might sign your guestbook.
JenWuffles: Skye, does blue work on me?
Skye: Well, duh, course it does!
JenWuffles: Well, in case you didn't realise, I'm a wolf, and wolves don't usually wear desses...
Skye: *Ignoring JenWuffles* Do you think you could carry a basket of flower in your mouth?
JenWuffles: If it means getting out of wearing a dress, then yes!
Lol. XD
Hey man hows it going? I saw you signed my guest book now XD so I thought I should stamp you back.
Hey, este sitio es cool! Haha Estoy hablando español! Ha! J'aime Parle en espanol! C'est du plaisir! Maintenant je parle Français! Woohoo! I love this so much! Spanish, french and now english. Ha ha, sorry but I have fun doing this!
Happy Easter! We have snow! Woot! And I made me a snowman and he looks awesome. If I can ever get my camera working, I'll send you some pictures. Any way have a happy easter and enjoy yourself.

Hi there, Chas!

You were the very first person who managed to find all seven Sims, well done! I hope you enjoy your pirate layout once Easter is over!

Have a great Easter!

well i just noticed that you signed my guestbook so i wanna sign yours.
My stamp because it's having problems but anyways.
Restamping everybody who stamped me!

You'll be good with some carrots >.>
Cheers for the signing.
congrats on coming second. to be honest i thought you were going to win at that point.

i wish i was a pirate but monkeys are not very good at sailing

good luck mate,
Monkey Magic
I got a stamp!

Here it is.

Hahhah. I told you I was obsessed with KH..
See you around.
Heya, pirate crew leader, captain, whatever it's called, yarr. Thanks for letting me be in your crew. Am I still the only person in your crew? Bit lonely, oh well. See you in the forums!
Hi, I just realised that I haven'tsigned your guestbook even though I see you around loads! So, thanks for getting rid of Herb on the Pleasantview Battles-Hurt and Heal! (See? I said I'd sign guestbooks of Coral Protectors!) Lol. Anway, here's my stamp:
I am back! Sorry I have no stamp... but i plan to make another soon... ill be back from now on!!!!! I hope lol... see ya in HM forum.
Hey, I saw you sign my guestbook, so I thought I'd return the favor. Here's ma stamp:

Seeya in court. =D

BTW, what do you mean <33 15 is so true? If you could kinda tell me through a PM, I'd really appreciate it. =P
Hey man.
So yea.
Saw you signed my GB.
So I figured I might as well sign yours.
Motion City Soundtrack is friggen awesome!
Glad I found another fan.
&Why thankyou, I didnt know I could be so cool hahhah.
You're pretty cool yourself.
See you around.

Well, I tried to find a good pitchfork picture for Christmas, but I didn't have much look. Instead, I took a picture of what happened to the Christmas bear who tried to take my pitchfork from me.

He'll never look at another pitchfork again.

Nice to see some new people in the HM forum (not [new] but you know)
PM me sometime or sign back or both if you REALLY want me to love you D _D