LiaAy C Falcon
Jan 1, 11 8:19am
Hey falcon,

Well im shocked i haven't signed your guestbook yet.
Anyways well just wanted to wish you a happy new years and to have a wonderful new year.
Hope you contuniue with your writing because your great at what you do.
Well keep on being awesome.
And i wish you the best of luck for 2011.
well not much to say left take care falcon.
and to wrap it up have a wonderful weeked too.

take care your friend,
Kutless C Falcon
Jun 18, 09 2:46am
Hey falcon, its been a while! Still around on here eh? haha

ive tried to be on more recently, just cant really find the time to do it...

take care, kutless.
Princess Gow Gow C Falcon
Dec 31, 08 3:59am
Hey Chas!

Take care!

Princess Gow Gow
NarutoFreak122 C Falcon
Sep 6, 08 9:18pm
whats up have a good day and enjoy your time on this website
Midnight Blue C Falcon
Jul 29, 08 7:53pm
Happy Belated Birthday! I'm sorry I couldn't stamp your guestbook on your birthday.

You're a great person - don't change and don't leave ((or I'll cry ... o.0))

Have a wonderful life and I hope to talk to you soon!

~ Roxanne aka Midnight-Chan ~

Little Stargazer C Falcon
Jun 26, 08 7:18pm
You're a very interesting and friendly person. I hope we can become better friends in the future.

Well here is my plain stamp [[Sorry, I don't have anything better right now but when I do I'll be stamping again ^^]] :~

.:From Your Friend:.

hailey5415 C Falcon
Jun 19, 08 5:23am
wow you have a BIG guestbook! Anyways i wanted to stamp you with my new stamp.

see ya around!
Kid_Krillin_And_Goku_Fan C Falcon
May 25, 08 12:35pm
Please come back to MySims! We all miss you!

hailey5415 C Falcon
May 15, 08 1:16am
hey i wanted to sign your guestbook with my new

see you around
Jengem C Falcon
May 4, 08 6:25pm
Seeing as you're my co-owner, I thought I might sign your guestbook.
JenWuffles: Skye, does blue work on me?
Skye: Well, duh, course it does!
JenWuffles: Well, in case you didn't realise, I'm a wolf, and wolves don't usually wear desses...
Skye: *Ignoring JenWuffles* Do you think you could carry a basket of flower in your mouth?
JenWuffles: If it means getting out of wearing a dress, then yes!
Lol. XD
TDL12344 C Falcon
Apr 16, 08 2:30am
Hey man hows it going? I saw you signed my guest book now XD so I thought I should stamp you back.
Sweetie_kinz_08 C Falcon
Apr 9, 08 2:29am
Hey, este sitio es cool! Haha Estoy hablando español! Ha! J'aime Parle en espanol! C'est du plaisir! Maintenant je parle Français! Woohoo! I love this so much! Spanish, french and now english. Ha ha, sorry but I have fun doing this!
Tay Rex C Falcon
Mar 23, 08 12:55pm
Happy Easter! We have snow! Woot! And I made me a snowman and he looks awesome. If I can ever get my camera working, I'll send you some pictures. Any way have a happy easter and enjoy yourself.

Jordii C Falcon
Mar 23, 08 3:53am
Hi there, Chas!

You were the very first person who managed to find all seven Sims, well done! I hope you enjoy your pirate layout once Easter is over!

Have a great Easter!

hailey5415 C Falcon
Mar 18, 08 1:53am
well i just noticed that you signed my guestbook so i wanna sign yours.
My stamp because it's having problems but anyways.
luffyluffy C Falcon
Mar 7, 08 2:12am
Restamping everybody who stamped me!

You'll be good with some carrots >.>
Monkey Magic C Falcon
Jan 31, 08 9:51pm
Cheers for the signing.
congrats on coming second. to be honest i thought you were going to win at that point.

i wish i was a pirate but monkeys are not very good at sailing

good luck mate,
Monkey Magic
nightmare C Falcon
Jan 29, 08 11:00pm
I got a stamp!

Here it is.

Hahhah. I told you I was obsessed with KH..
See you around.
StarSimLuva C Falcon
Jan 25, 08 7:32pm
Heya, pirate crew leader, captain, whatever it's called, yarr. Thanks for letting me be in your crew. Am I still the only person in your crew? Bit lonely, oh well. See you in the forums!
StarSimLuva C Falcon
Jan 23, 08 5:34pm
Hi, I just realised that I haven'tsigned your guestbook even though I see you around loads! So, thanks for getting rid of Herb on the Pleasantview Battles-Hurt and Heal! (See? I said I'd sign guestbooks of Coral Protectors!) Lol. Anway, here's my stamp:
Kutless C Falcon
Jan 18, 08 5:49pm
I am back! Sorry I have no stamp... but i plan to make another soon... ill be back from now on!!!!! I hope lol... see ya in HM forum.
IronFistQueen C Falcon
Jan 17, 08 6:50am
Hey, I saw you sign my guestbook, so I thought I'd return the favor. Here's ma stamp:

Seeya in court. =D

BTW, what do you mean <33 15 is so true? If you could kinda tell me through a PM, I'd really appreciate it. =P
nightmare C Falcon
Jan 10, 08 3:13am
Hey man.
So yea.
Saw you signed my GB.
So I figured I might as well sign yours.
Motion City Soundtrack is friggen awesome!
Glad I found another fan.
&Why thankyou, I didnt know I could be so cool hahhah.
You're pretty cool yourself.
See you around.

Anomaly C Falcon
Dec 24, 07 7:09pm
Well, I tried to find a good pitchfork picture for Christmas, but I didn't have much look. Instead, I took a picture of what happened to the Christmas bear who tried to take my pitchfork from me.

He'll never look at another pitchfork again.
dropaheart C Falcon
Oct 6, 07 7:25pm

Nice to see some new people in the HM forum (not [new] but you know)
PM me sometime or sign back or both if you REALLY want me to love you D _D